How-To: Change Your Client’s Curl Life With This Easy Diffuser Technique

Written by Bio Ionic Education TeamMar 30, 2021

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Source: Courtesy of Biolage

Many clients don’t realize the potential of their texture. They may think their hair is simply wavy or frizzy, so their go-to styling technique is a basic blowout to smooth and straighten. But with this diffuser technique by Biolage Artistic Director Michael Albor, you can show these clients how to coax their texture into bouncy, body-full, frizz-free, defined curls that they never imagined possible. Here’s how he does it.

1. Shampoo with Biolage HydraSource Shampoo, which gently cleanses and moisturizes dry, coarse hair.
2. Condition with Biolage HydraSource Conditioner to condition and detangle the hair while adding shine.
3. Blot excess moisture, then apply Biolage All-In-One Coconut Infusion Multi-Benefit Treatment Spray to detangle, enhance shine and provide heat protection. Start at the nape and spray the hair section by section in order to achieve thorough coverage on thick hair.
4. Again, working section by section from the nape upward, apply generous amounts of Biolage Curl Defining Elixir. After applying the formula comb through each section with a fine-tooth comb to distribute the product thoroughly. “Curl Defining Elixir gives you a nice medium hold, curl definition and it fights frizz,” notes Michael.
5. Once the hair is thoroughly saturated with the Curl Defining Elixir, comb through with a wide tooth comb and then use your hands to scrunch the hair, thereby restoring the natural curl formation.
6. Look carefully at the curls and if you spot any sections that aren’t curling naturally, spiral them around a chopstick to “set” the curl pattern.
7. Place the diffuser attachment on the blow dryer nozzle and set the blow dryer to medium heat and low air flow settings. 
8. Tip the client’s head forward, place sections of hair into the cup of the diffuser and push the dryer upward to encourage gentle curl formation. Work around the head in this manner, cupping and pushing sections of hair until the hair is dry.
9. Tip the client’s head back, drape the hair over the edge of the chair and continue cupping and pushing. This head position helps achieve maximum lift in the crown area. (Note: Rather than moving or scrunching the hair, which will disturb the curl pattern and cause frizz, move the head from side to side to place the hair into the diffuser cup.)
10. Once the hair is dry, remove the diffuser and direct air flow to sections around the hairline to smooth and straighten and create a natural look.
11. Work Biolage Texture Sap into your hands and fingertips and work it through the curls for texture, shine, frizz resistance and curl definition. “I like to use Texture Sap on curly hair,” says Michael, “because I get light hold without ‘crunch’ or waxy build-up.” Break up any large clumps of curls with your fingertips.

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