5 Ideas For Biolage Earth Day

Written by Biolage Education TeamApr 1, 2024

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Biolage Earth Day

Awareness of environmental impact increases globally each year, leading to a growing demand of sustainable products and brands that prioritize environmental responsibility. So whether you’re looking to get your clients to shop retail with you, or just looking to attract new clients, Earth Day, April 22nd, should be on your promotional calendar. Here are five eco-friendly ideas to celebrate Earth Day, Earth Week and Earth Month in your salon.

Share Your Salon’s Eco Practices

Create a photo or video series about your eco-friendly salon habits. Do you use real mugs and glasses instead of paper or Styrofoam? Do you recycle empty packaging, compost waste, conserve water and power? Let the world know via in-salon signage and on your social media platforms.

Create An Eco Video Series

Film each one of your staff members talking about their personal eco-practices and upload the series to your Instagram, TikTok and YouTube channels. If you’re an independent stylist, create a series showcasing your own practices. Try sharing how you compost, recycle, opt for sustainable packaging, shop for pre-loved clothing and other items, or eat vegan. These videos will inspire others to be more sustainable in their lives and showcase your commitment to being an eco-friendly brand. 

Earth Day Limited Edition Duos

Biolage offers new, limited-edition product duos in a nature-inspired design. Clients can choose from their favorite Biolage ranges—Color Last, Hydra Source, Bond Therapy, Smooth Proof, Volume Bloom, and Strength Recovery. As a bonus, the Strength Recovery gift set includes a free Strength Repairing Spray mini. Plus, while you stock up on your favorite kits, claim a free set of Biolage sectioning clips—essential for heatless styling.

To conserve energy, learn how to achieve heatless, undulating waves with Biolage Strength Repairing Spray and All-In-One Oil:

Put Together A Raffle

Consider holding a month-long raffle that benefits the eco-charity of your choice. Have guests share their sustainability practices, or upgrade to liters for their chance to win a gift. You can use some of the Biolage Earth Day duos or Earth Day sectioning clips as prizes, or even reward winners with free services or salon gift cards.

Partner With Other Businesses On An Earth Day Activity

Participate or sponsor an event to clean up a local park, plant trees, pick up litter at the beach or start a community garden. Be sure to display your brand while you and your team are at the event, or event your clients to participate. Consider putting together goody bags, including the Biolage Earth Day duos and clips in reusable branded totes to hand out to other attendees. Stuff the bags with new-client incentives in case somebody on the crew would like to try out your salon and services.