Ask The Culture Fox: Episode 2

Written by SalonCentric TeamJan 13, 2021

Read time 5 min


It’s a topic every beauty service provider is confronted with at one point or another, but it’s never been more relevant to the beauty industry as it is right now with client appointments significantly impacted by the pandemic. What do you do to keep up momentum when client volume is down? CEO of Fox and Jane Salon Group and author of Culture Fox: How To Cultivate A Lasting Culture, Lorean Cairns (@loreancairns) shares her insights and experience to help you navigate this all-important question. You’ll want to take notes as she roadmaps a plan for you start putting into practice today.

And if you missed it the first time, check out our inaugural episode in the series to learn a little more about Lorean, and her thoughts on the importance of establishing a thriving salon culture. You can also send your questions for Lorean through a DM on our @saloncentric Instagram account with the hashtag #AskTheCultureFox to hear it straight from the expert herself in our next episode of Ask The Culture Fox.

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