Artist Spotlight: Winnie Huang

Written by SalonCentric TeamMay 22, 2024

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Winnie Huang

Canadian nail artist, Winnie Huang (@winnieisawesome) began her career in 2013 and despite having just two years of experience at the time of "NAILS Next Top Nail Artist" season three, she took home the winning title in 2015 in addition to serving as the guest editor for NAILS Magazine.

Huang's creativity and artistry has since been in high demand, with her nail designs being sent down numerous runways during New York Fashion Week and featured in multiple publications and outlets. She has also served as an ambassador and educator for leading global nail brand CND and continues to work closely with them to this day. "Honestly, my journey has been so epic, it just keeps topping one another," says Huang " am learning and experiencing new things every single day!"

SalonCentric: Have you experienced an "I've made It"! moment in your career?

Winnie Huang: "Yes, when I sat front row at Libertine's NYFW show watching my nails walk down the runway."

SC: Who in the industry would you like to send a love note to for having an impact on your career?

WH: There are so many industry greats, I can't possibly name them all. But I remember when! first discovered Sophy Robson, Spifster, and Steph from Haus of Lacquer who all really kickstarted my passion for nails and art."

SC: Food, like language, serves as a vehicle for expressing culture. We are often introduced to a culture through its food. If you were sitting down for a meal with a fellow beauty professional unfamiliar with your heritage, what dish would you share?

WH: "I have to bring it all the way back to my hometown of Taiwan, in the alley way of a day market with a hot steaming bowl of vermicelli soup on a really hot day. Growing up, after we immigrated to Canada, I wasn't always proud of my heritage. I would often throw away the lunch my mom made me because I was teased. Now, all I do is celebrate our culture, and my hometown with food."