7 Steps To Re-Open Your Salon

Written by L'Oréal Professionnel TeamJun 12, 2020

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Empty salon | SalonCentricSource: Courtesy of Matthew Morris Salon

As you are preparing or are already back in your salon, here is the Salon Emotion seven-step checklist to create an amazing and safe client journey.

1. Window

Digital Window

  • Stay connected with clients through social media.
  • Post updates on hours, services, safety/sanitation protocols, and booking on all social media. Email details to clients.
  • Set up virtual consultations prior to opening to discuss planned services, timeframes, budgets, costs, new safety and logistics protocols. Recommend retail products to be ready for the client.

Physical Window

  • Salon window highlights NEW hours, service, sanitation and safety protocols.
  • Post policy regarding appointment only clients.

2. Reception

  • Let clients know in advance that reception area will not be available for waiting.
  • Advise clients to wait outside or in their car until they receive text or call.
  • Welcoming smile and eye contact are key as the new greeting.
  • Thank clients for staying loyal and coming back. For clients whose financial situation has changed, they’re choosing to spend their valued savings with you.
  • Make every client feel like a VIP.

Salon entrance | SalonCentricSource: Courtesy of Matthew Morris Salon 

3. Consultation

  • Confirm what was discussed on the virtual consultation, including price and follow up visits to stay within client’s beauty budget / comfort level with time in the salon. Confirm retail recommendations.
  • Reassuring eye contact and clear communication are key.
  • If time permits, deep treatments, after months away from the salon, may be a great source of add-on revenue.
  • Review recommended retail products. Avoid passing products back/forth.

4. Treatment Lounge

  • If time permits, welcome clients back with a short, but relaxing scalp massage (1-2 minutes).
  • Show the products being used; use visual and fragrance cues vs. client touching the bottle.
  • Be sure clients feel comfortable with masks securely in place.
  • Consider privacy panels between shampoo chairs to create additional levels of separation.
  • The shampooing area is spotlessly clean and neat and maintained according to sanitization protocols.

5. Color/Cut & Style

  • Make sure clients see your sanitization protocols, such as fresh capes, sterilization of tools and cleaning.
  • If clients need to process in a separate/exterior area, make sure to check in with them throughout the processing time.
  • Retail recommendations are still key to the service. Show clients the products used versus having them touch/handle. Let clients know you’ll have the products bagged and ready for them when they checkout.
  • Pro Tip: 
    Try leading with this prompt to start the conversation: “These are the products I’m recommending to maintain your look at home. I’ll have them ready for you at the front desk when you check out.”

6. Retail

  • Check with your clients during the service to see if there are other products they need to replenish.
  • Multi-tiered retail price offerings will be key at this time to address client’s budgets.
  • Consider offering a ‘welcome back retail promotion with discount on retail with service OR retail promotion around rebooking.

7. Checkout

  • Make sure the guest is satisfied.
  • Make sure clients are rebooked based on follow-up appointment needs, taking into account client beauty budgets.
  • Thank them again for their loyalty to you.


  • Provide loyalty program updates.
  • Secure/confirm the client’s future appointment.
  • Thank them for being a valued client and supporting your salon.

Download this Communication Kit courtesy of L'Oréal Professionnel for a whole support package including email and social materials and a super useful phone script.

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