6 New Lighteners To Try Right Now

Written by SalonCentric TeamFeb 19, 2020

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L'Oreal Professionnel French Balyage | SalonCentricPhotography: Courtesy of L'Oréal Professionnel

Remember that song lyric, “Love, lift us up where we belong” by Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes? But make it “lightener” instead of “love”because you can’t lift your client to the color they were meant to be without it. Any color job, be it a balayage, ombre, vivid or highlights, can’t successfully happen without the help of a lightener. And with better technologies, ingredients and formulas infusing the category every day, lifting color gets faster and easier. Check out this list of the latest bowl-worthy lighteners getting mixed up by your fellow colormasters.

Redken flash Lift Bonder Inside | SalonCentric
Redken Blonde Idol Flash Lift Bonder Inside
Up to 8 levels
Details: It’s all the bells and whistles of Redken’s Blonde Idol Flash Lift, but with the added benefit of a built-in bonding additive,which eliminates the need to bump up developer. Plus, the newly customized packaging features a measuring cup designed into the pack.
The Buzz:I really like this lightener. I’m glad they added the protection in, it’s so convenient. I do find that it does help my clients that need something more gentle and it helps their hair get as light as I need it without getting over processed. It’s also nice that I don’t have to give up the lifting power.”―Chaslem, Walla Walla, WA
My clients have all been so happy with how big of a change I’m able to make with this lightener while still keeping their hair integrity! As a stylist I have been able to push hair a little further with the bonding agent directly in the lightener. I love the packaging with the measuring cap, however it’s hard to get the very last of the lightener out so I just cut it open to get the last of it.”―Janessa, Alma, MI

Matrix Light Master Lift and tone Lifter | SalonCentric
Matrix Light Master Lift and Tone Powder Lifter
Lift: Up to 6 levels
Details: Part of a 3-step Highlighting System enriched with Pro Vitamin B5 to protect and condition the hair, this lightener lifts up to 6 levels in 2-10 minutes with heat or up to 50 minutes at room temperature and offers customized toning while lifting.
The Buzz:Lift and tones at the same time nicely without toning afterwards. There are different tones of colors to give you blonde highlights of varying tones. My clients are happy the process time is short.”―Cam69, Slippery Rock, PA
This is my go to for quick highlights. Love that I can choose my tone without having to tone afterward."―Lilbit214, Frederick,CO

L'Oreal Professionnel Blond Sudio 9 | Saloncentric
L’Oréal Professionnel Blond Studio 9 Lightening Powder
Lift: Up to 9 levels
Details: This powder lightener provides visible lift within 10 minutes, even on the darkest of bases, thanks to its oil-enriched formula.
The Buzz:WOW! Seriously, this is the best lightener. You can expect faster, cleaner lift in foils, on scalp, and with balayage. I've taken a natural level 1 to a level 10 in the designated foils in 45 minutes (never with heat added) and lifted evenly right over a Majirel retouch! The hair is in supreme condition when I'm finished and on the next visits. Regardless of the natural level, when you have hair that gets stuck in that level 8 gold forever, this is your answer! Totally a game changer in lightening.”―Anonymous, Mooresville, NC

Pravana Pure Light Lightener | SalonCentric
Pravana Pure Light Ultra Lightener
Lift: Up to 9 levels
Details: Featuring Reunite Mending Technology, amino acids restore hair from the inside out while plant-derived ingredients help mend the cuticle layer for increased shine and softness. 
The Buzz:Honestly,I was a little scared to use this product and was looking to find the best lifting product on the market and OMG my prayers have been answered! I have a lot of dark hair clients (level 3-5), and I struggled to keep the integrity of the hair in healthy condition and lift at the highest possible level,but not anymore. It’s my go-to product and I love using it on my level 7-8 clients because it cuts my processing time compared to other products.My time and my clients time are valuable,and they love leaving the salon in half the time with great results!”―Yaya, Northlake, IL

Sparks Powder Lightener | SalonCentric
Sparks Powder Lightener
Lift: Up to 8 levels
Details: Infused with powerful amino acids like lysine and arginine and exclusive Smart Blonde ingredients, this dust-free, fine blue powder easily mixes up to a creamy consistency without swelling, to help nourish and protect fragile strands.
The Buzz: This lightener has no problem keeping up with top competitors. It lifts gently and thoroughly. I really like that it is a white color. As a colorist I think it is important to be able to see where the hair is lifting towards without guessing through the blue tint most brands offer in their lighteners.”―Jerrid, Largo, FL

Matrix Light Master 8 | SalonCentric
Matrix Light Master Lightening Powder
Lift: Up to 8 levels
Details:This high-speed lightener contains panthenol for extra conditioning, and processes 20% faster as compared to Matrix V-Light Powder Bleach.
The Buzz: I love Lightmaster because it’s gentle enough not to cause a lot of damage, but strong enough to bust up color when I need it to. It’s also very versatile with the additives that Matrix has made for it. I can turn it into a clay lightener and an oil-based one, and both versions work very well. Plus, it’s super affordable!”―Sierradidit, Statesboro,GA
Love this bleach both for on and off the scalp. Doesn’t get dusty and mixes easily.”―Keys Hairmasters, Marathon, FL

Kenra Simply Blonde Crème Lightener | SalonCentric
Kenra Professional Simply Blonde Crème Lightener
Lift: Up to 8 levels
Details:The creamy, stay-put formula is ideal for double processing, on-or off-scalp and free painting techniques. Plus, the nourishing oils hydrate hair for lift without sacrificing moisture.
The Buzz: I'm a hairstylist and have recently been introduced to this lightener! I can't rave enough about how AMAZING this product is.I have also mixed it with 40 volume on clients, and it doesn’t damage the hair. Every application has turned out beautifully!”―Meghanbs, Ocala, FL 

L'Anza Clay decolorizer Lightener | SalonCentric
L’ANZA Clay Decolorizer
Lift: Up to 7 levels
Details: For controlled lift and placement, this moisture-rich clay mixes into a creamy consistency for easy spreadability, making it perfect for balayage and freehand techniques. 
The Buzz: I’ve used a couple clay lighteners and this is the best so far! Leaves hair in amazing condition and definitely lifts more than anything I’ve used in less time. No heat needed or recommended.”―Peggy, Indianapolis, IN

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