5 Fitness Apps to Help You Hit Your Goals

Written by Modern Salon CustomMay 1, 2018

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Whether you’re pulling 12-hour work days behind the chair or constantly on-the-go traveling from one job to the next, keeping fit and staying healthy go a long way towards being successful as a stylist. Being strong in body and mind ultimately translate to being strong in your career. Here are a few apps and tools from stylist-to-stylist for taking care of yourself, and ultimately your business.

Nike+ Run Club
Born to run? This app tracks your activity and offers curated playlists to listen to as you go. “I like it because you can notify friends when you go for a run and get help with motivation,” says Matrix Artistic Director Michelle O’Connor. “You can also get audio motivation from Nike fitness coaches, elite athletes and entertainers.”


Stylists twist and flex throughout the day, cutting, shampooing and styling clients. So, flexibility makes all the difference. Reduced flexibility leads to reduced movement, as well as injuries. Yoga is a great way to release tension and stay limber, and Yoga.com is a useful and user-friendly app for all levels. It offers 48 yoga programs and more than 300 poses and breathing techniques, plus a tracker for your practices.

Full Fitness
Take your trainer anywhere! This app offers hundreds of workouts illustrated by text, images and videos. It can also be used as a calorie tracker. “I like working with a trainer or a team,” says ULTABeauty Vice President, Salon Services and Trend Nick Stenson. “But I’m busy and I travel, so that is not always an option. This app keeps me focused and accountable when I work out alone. Plus, I can track my workouts and my progress, and it helps me craft workouts in gyms with any type of equipment.”

Busy stylists must squeeze workouts in when they can. Keelo offers 20-minute-or-less, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), strength, cardio and conditioning workouts you can do at home or at the gym. Follow along with an expert trainer or coach on high-def video. Working out with Keelo at least three times a week allows you to work every muscle group.

This app combines HIIT and yoga workouts designed to be done anywhere, anytime, along with customized meal plans. The plans are tailored to your current fitness level and goals. “As a new, working mom, I love the 15-minute workouts that burn at least 300 calories, says Lindsay Gruben of Zano Salons in Naperville, IL. “You don’t need any equipment, you just use your body weight. Since Millennium runs our lives in 15-minute increments, it’s just perfect!”

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