3 Chemical Peel Myths Derailing Your Service

Written by Teresa StenzelSep 19, 2018

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The skin your clients want is under the skin they see. While chemical peels are an obvious choice to reveal younger, smoother, brighter skin in your treatment room, there are outdated beliefs about how peels have to perform. These myths are not only – literally – hurting your clients, they stand in the way of your ability to offer the ultimate chemical peel: with zero pain, zero flaking, and zero downtime.

Myth #1: Stronger is better
Today’s traditional peels all fall into the same trap: they’re often composed of monster-strength percentages of single acids, with the philosophy that “stronger is better.” But stronger isn’t better. Stronger percentages only do one thing –aggressively peel the skin. Are we beyond this medieval-sounding practice? Shouldn't peels work better and do more for you and your clients?

Fact: Forget about single acid peels in too-big percentages. Bioelements new chemical peels: Glycolic Detox Charcoal Peel Levels 2 and 3, are formulated with a combination of multiple exfoliating acids – Glycolic and Lactic Acids, plus extracts of exfoliating fruit acids – with natural buffering Willowherb and Aloe to prevent redness and irritation. Plus, activated Coconut Charcoal stimulates microcirculation, draws out impurities and pollution’s heavy metals, and detoxifies the skin. Bioelements has also launched an acetone-free, alcohol-free Peel Prep Lipid Eraser to accelerate treatment results and allow for maximum penetration. Together, they creating a peel service like no other before it.

Myth #2: Skin must “Peel” in order for a chemical peel to work
Once again, this is an outdated esthetics concept. It’s based on traditional ablative peels that leave skin with a sunburn-like appearance, and require the client to go into hiding for several uncomfortable, unsightly, itchy, skin-shedding days. A peel shouldn’t disrupt your client’s life.

Skin doesn't have to peel to get a peel. Bioelements vision has always been to “coax the skin into shape, never assault it,” and that’s our key philosophy when it comes to chemical peels. Our advanced acid-hybrid peels dissolve dead epidermal cells, but because the particles are so small, they are invisible to the naked eye. It’s non-surgical, non-ablative peel technology that works on a microscopic level – so you get a completely controlled removal of damaged skin: to smooth texture, improve line and wrinkle appearance, brighten, lift pigment, and increase hydration and firmness. And they’re so powerful, so effective – you can even use them on the hands, neck and V-area, building an entire service menu with targeted glycolic chemical peel treatments.

Myth #2: Long-term results will take weeks

Traditional, single-acid peels remove the entire epidermal layer down to the dermal junction, or further down into the upper dermal layers. Due to the amount of skin removed and the resulting open wound, significant client aftercare and negative attributes can occur. Clients can feel pain or burning, and see a sunburned appearance that may last for days or weeks. Clients may also have to deal with open wounds, “weeping” skin, crusting, scabbing, frosting, or darkening of skin that peels off in patches. Antibiotic ointments, heavy medicated gels or occlusive cremes may have to be applied up to 20 times a day. In some cases, medicated patches or tape are applied to face post-peel.

Fact: This post-peel skin misery listed above is outdated and unnecessary. With Bioelements new Ultra-Detox Chemical Peels, the client never has to worry about negative side effects. There’s no pain or burning sensations during the treatment, or afterwards. Skin takes on an instant, healthy glow. Our peeling process is invisible to the naked eye since it occurs at the microscopic level. Post-peel, your clients can immediately apply cosmetics, skin care and sunscreen, and resume their normal daily routine after each treatment. No need to ‘hide’. Clients will see immediate results, and will continue to see dramatic, long-term results with a Progressive Series of Ultra-Detox Chemical Peels and proper At-Home Care.

Download the Bioelements Chemical Peel Technical Guide here.

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