COVID-19 Skin Care Retail Strategies

Written by Bioelements TeamApr 30, 2020

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We know that many of you are experiencing a disruption of business during these uncertain times. So we’ve asked our experts to share their successful retail strategies―from virtual esthetician appointments to gift card offers, learn all the ways you can adjust your business to our current reality, and prepare for a re-opening. As many people want to support small businesses now, let them know that by taking advantage of these offer ideas below, they'll be helping you during this difficult time

Strategy #1: Quarantine Skin Care Sale

Offer a discount on retail products and promote on your social channels:

  1. Ask clients to send you product purchase requests via Facebook DM, email or voicemail.
  2. Once received, send the client a confirmation purchase link via Square, or call them to process a credit card.
  3. Offer curbside pickup. Have clients call when they arrive, and you bring out the order.

Strategy #2: Ask the Esthetician

Offer your clients a way to stay in touch and continue a professional relationship to keep their skin in shape during this time. Promote an email address where they can send you questions about product usage or skin concerns. Or, invite them to your Instagram or Facebook, as places to reach you with questions and photos. You can also use the ‘Questions’ sticker in your Instagram Stories.

Strategy #3: Virtual Esthetician Appointments
Offer clients a 15-minute, one-on-one consultation to answer their skin care questions and give advice via FaceTime, Zoom, or other communication channel. This service can be free with a purchase of a Bioelements formula, which can be sold via curbside pickup.

Strategy #4: Gift Certificate Sale

If you are unable to be open for business right now, keep into touch with your clients. Offer a discount or promotion on future services, and ask them to purchase an eGift Card that can be redeemed when you re-open.

Strategy #5: Skin Care Raffle Prize

Incentivize gift certificate or retail pick-up purchases with a raffle prize. Every purchase will automatically enter your client into a raffle prize. This prize can be a gift card for a future service, or a bundle of products.

Strategy #6: At-Home Facial Kits

Bundle retail products into an easy at-home facial kit that your clients could use to maintain facial results during quarantine. Offer these kits with a small discount: buy three for $X―that’s a $10-savings. And bonus idea: If you have any client before and after photos, use them to help emphasize and promote results upkeep.

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