Why You Need To Try Redken's New Flashlift Bonder Inside

Written by Redken TeamFeb 5, 2019

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As any stylist knows, time is money. Which is why shaving 10 minutes off of your lightening services — especially when you’re booked solid with clients — can make a huge difference in your day to day life. Sound too good to be true? Well, thanks to Redken’s new Flash Lift Bonder Inside — which works the same as Redken’s tried-and-true Flash Lift, but now has a built-in bonding additive — it’s officially a possibility.

The product, which launched in January 2019, has already developed a fan following. “I like that the mixing is already done for me. It saves me time in the salon because I don’t need to do a second step to add the bonding agent which usually takes 10 minutes,” says Redken Artist Sean Godard, who certainly knows a thing or two about being booked back-to-back. In addition to saving time, the product’s bonder helps keep the hair’s fiber strong and protects bonds while lightening the hair, which results in less damage and less breakage. Flashlift Bonder Inside protects the hair, and helps preserve fiber integrity, which will leave guests with healthy, beautiful hair. And really, what could be better than a happy stylist and a happy client?

“it’s so easy, it can be used in place of the regular Flash Lift you have always loved,” says Godard. “And now, you can rest easy knowing that the hair’s condition is going to be the best it can be after a lightening service because of the protective bonder.”

Bright, beautiful blondes with no breakage and getting an extra 10 minutes per client back in your day? Flash Lift Bonder Inside has got you covered (and you may even get to take your first ever lunch break!).
Photography: Courtesy of Redken
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