Why You (And Your Clients) Need To Try Redken's New Triple Pure 32

Written by Redken TeamSep 12, 2019

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Rodney Cutler wants you to forget everything you think you know about what hairspray can do. “The big misconception with hairsprays is that they're sticky, they're tacky, and that they dull the hair,” he says. Back in the day, that may have been the case, but thanks to new technology, in 2019 that couldn’t be further from the truth. “Now hairsprays help repel humidity, control frizz and add shine. They're multi-purpose products—Hairsprays are no longer just there to hold a look together.” Redken’s NEW Triple Pure 32 hairspray, the newest addition to the Redken styling collection, gives a whole new meaning to “multipurpose product.”

What Is Redken’s NEW Triple Pure 32 Hairspray?

Triple Pure 32 is Redken’s first-ever neutral fragrance high-hold hairspray. Today, many guests find product scents to be overwhelming, and prefer that their styling and haircare products contain neutral, more natural scents. Triple Pure 32 provides an excellent solution for these clients, who want a great high-hold hairspray without the scent.

Triple Pure 32 hairspray is an extreme high-hold hairspray with a lightweight feel which means that it can be used as an asset in any style you could possibly think of— From textured, sexy beach waves to a sleek ponytail to an artfully finished updo.. “Historically, the light hold sprays were very light and the heavy hold sprays were like cement,” explains Cutler. Because of this, stylists had to keep many products in their arsenals in order to create different looks. With Triple Pure 32, you can do it all.

Triple Pure 32 can be used on all hair types, but also on most hair looks,” says Cutler. It's not only a great product for updos and more structured styles, it’s also great to use on more textured looks. If you've got beachy waves, you just need to turn your head upside down and spray the product throughout the hair to create a little support within the sections. It's not just great for holding a style in place, it’s an amazing tool to create support within the layers as well.”
What Makes Triple Pure 32 A Must-Have For Your Styling Kit?

And what makes Triple Pure 32 different from the other hairspray options out there? “What's great about Triple Pure 32 is that it has flexibility but it also has the hold. It dries quickly but without a crunchy, product-heavy feel,” says Cutler. “You can actually hold your head upside down, spray it, and run your hands through it, so you're getting a high hold but you're also getting flexibility and movement. Many women want their hair to look natural and move, but also maintain its shape, so that's the key.”

This, in large part, is thanks to the products revolutionary tri-actuator spray technology, which offers even distribution throughout the hair. “I like the lightness of the spray, because what I find sometimes with many products is that it can actually build up on the hair and weigh it down,” says Cutler, adding that the fine mist that Triple Pure 32 has to offer is very important for getting a flawless finished look with lasting volume and hold.

“Even distribution is critical, because if you just spray product in one area it will actually build up within the hair and collapse the hair,” he says. “I actually love the Triple Pure 32 tri-actuator because it distributes a little bit wider, finer, and more evenly.”

Another thing he loves? The product’s high-hold ability. “We look for strong hold but we don't want a wet spray, so the fact that Triple Pure 32 is very dry and very light is fantastic. It’s not going to cause build up or create a crunchy feel within the hair, says Cutler. “We really get the best of both worlds.”
How Can You Communicate These Benefits To Your Clients?

As a stylist, these are all A+ reasons to keep Triple Pure 32 in your kit in all times. But how can you communicate to your clients that they, too, need to add it to their at-home collections? “Stylists tend to speak to results, but clients really connect to the performance of a product, which in this case is that it’s is a neutral fragrance, lightweight, high hold, non-crunchy and non drying hairspray that will help her create a flawless finish on any look,” says Cutler. “These benefits are going to guarantee better hair days.”

To really drive the benefits of the product home when speaking to guests, try talking to them about things they can visualize. Use words to communicate the types of looks the product will allow them to create , such as “movement”, “texture” and “length.”

And since actions tend to speak louder than words, try demonstrating the product live while your client is sitting in your chair. “When your client sees the product being demonstrated live, they can see the results,” says Cutler, who suggests having your client turn her hair upside down, and giving the hair a simple spritz to show how well the product can distribute through the roots and mid-lengths. “Seeing things like that— seeing the instant bounce and support the product provides—is a great way to show your client that this is a product she needs.”
Photography: Courtesy of Redken
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