Tune In To SalonCentric Facebook For Live Braiding Education With Sam Villa

Written by Redken TeamSep 18, 2019

Read time 5 min

Get ready to take your client’s look to the next level with styling hacks from the one and only Sam Villa. On September 23rd, Redken Global Artistic Ambassador Sam Villa will be going LIVE on SalonCentric’s Facebook page sharing styling hacks and products tips for creating the season’s most requested and trending braided looks.

Don’t miss this exclusive demo with one of the industry’s most iconic educators. Get inspired with the braid technique and step by steps below and be sure to tune in at 9AM PCT/11AMCT/12PM EST to see Sam share must-have tips for building your braiding expertise!

1. Take a circular section in the crown area.
2. Once you have that circular section in the crown area, you can divide it into two.
3. Take the top section and create an infinity braid. You're going to tie off that braid with a clear elastic. I suggest buffering the elastic with Extreme Play Safe
4. Then you're going to take the bottom section and you’re going to create another infinity braid, attaching the top one to the bottom.
5. Then you place an elastic in that, and the idea is to create an infinity braid within an infinity braid.
6. Lock the style in place with Triple Pure 32.
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