Step-By-Step: Quick And Easy Pompadour

Written by Sexy Hair TeamJan 19, 2022

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SexyHair’s Powder Play Shampoo and Conditioner are the newest members of the fun-to-use Powder Play family. Activated by water, both the shampoo and conditioner are formulated with clean ingredients including caffeine for root lifting, tapioca starch for added fullness, and collagen for shine and increased elasticity. Both concentrated formulas are color-safe and provide volume up to 72 hours.

Here’s how to recreate this quick and easy pompadour by SexyHair Visionary Team Member and SalonCentric #ITAPT Ambassador Antonio Estrada (@antestradahair).

Products Used:


  • Wet the hair. Add Powder Play Shampoo to hands, add water and lather. OR, add product directly to the hair, add water and then lather. Rinse product thoroughly.
  • Add Powder Play Conditioner to your hands with water and emulsify until you get a cream consistency. Massage through hair and thoroughly rinse.
  • Towel dry.
  • Grab Big SexyHair Root Pump and your blow dryer. Add Root Pump directly to the hair at the root area for maximum lift.
  • Blow dry focusing on volume in the front. The more volume the better. Use a comb to blow dry the side of the hair to get a distinct part.
  • Sprinkle Powder Play volumizing & texturizing powder into dry hair for volume and texture.
  • Add finishing touches with Big SexyHair Spray & Play.  

Pro Tip: Spray front area with Spray & Play and run fingers through for separation. This will make it looks more casual and hair pompadour styling step by step

Photo: Courtesy of SexyHair

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