Sneak Peek Tour Of The Fatboy Factory

Written by Maureen SheenSep 11, 2018

Read time 5 min

You know the award-winning Fatboy Perfect Putty with the massive cult following. And you know Fatboy Products, the unisex brand that’s become a celebrity stylist and salon favorite, is anything but conventional and all about pushing the boundary. So, is it any surprise that the brand’s headquarters and creative hub known as the Factory would be something other than original and unique? Home to their fellow hairstylists, photographers, musicians, painters and authors, the Fatboy Factory is truly an artist-inspired creative collective with the type of space and environment conducive to fostering inventiveness, innovation and individuality. On any given day, you can find the Factory buzzing from a photo shoot or product testing or just jamming out doing hair. Get a look at what sets the Factory apart from the rest in this tour led by Fatboy Founder Tyson Kennedy.