Sam Villa's Tips for Talking to Clients about Frizz

Written by Sam VillaMay 1, 2018

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ch-sam-villas-tips-for-talking-to-clients-about-frizzSpring and Summer may be the time for long walks on the beach, rooftop happy hours and backyard barbecues, but there’s one annoying side effect that comes along with warm weather fun: Frizz.

No matter how perfect your client’s summer hairstyle may look when they leave the salon, without the right products, many of your guests will struggle with frizz as soon as they leave your chair. As a stylist, it’s important to train your guest on how to fight frizz on their own so that they can enjoy the beautiful haircut you’ve given them every day, all summer long.

“In todays world it is important as a stylist to understand how communication builds wealth — Develop the attitude behind the chair to ‘stop selling and start telling,’” says Redken Global Artistic Ambassador Sam Villa. “If you are not offering a solution to the challenge of frizz you are doing a dis-service! How can a stylist finish the hair and not offer the solution to control their frizz? It’s a no-brainer.”

Here are Sam’s tips on exactly how you can teach your guests to fight their frizz (and which products they need to do it!), so that everyone can enjoy their beach walks, happy hours and barbecues looking and feeling their best.

For Guests Who Need An On-The-Go Fix

Redken’s FPF 10 Fly-Away Fix Finishing Sheets are perfect for fighting frizz on any hair type. Advise guests to carry them in their purse for a quick fix to help rid hair of any frizz that pops up after they leave the house. These sheets can also be used to dry set: Cut them into 1-inch vertical slices, and braid them into hair before bed to wake up with frizz free waves!

For Guests With Fine Hair

Live in a humid climate? Fine to medium hair will respond beautifully with Redken’s award winning FPF 20 Smooth Force Lotion. It won’t weigh down the hair, and takes all of the sting out of detangling. Apply it to the root area and blow dry in sections, which will help evenly distribute the product throughout each section with your brush. Advise guests to make this a staple in their beach bags to control frizz in the sun, and suggest that they apply liberally to maintain humidity control, lock in moisture and preserve incredible shine!

For All Day Frizz Control

Some hair just needs a little extra help to stay “calm,” and FPF 40 Rebel Tame will help whip it into shape. Apply to wet hair and either blow-dry it smooth or use a diffuser. Either way, this awesome cream is a hero for taming frizz all day long.

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About Expert
Sam Villa is changing the industry one hairdresser at a time! Whether he’s teaching in a hands-on class, on the main stage, or reaching his millions of social media followers, Sam changes people. As the 2017 NAHA Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, he is known for doing things differently to challenge, inspire and motivate. His encouragement to stylists is unrivaled, as he genuinely wants each one of them to reach deep to identify how they can make a change to promote their own growth. His talents stretch far beyond his brilliant cutting and finishing skills; his business tips help stylists think about how they speak to their guests to add value behind the chair. “Sharing is the greatest gift we can give one another…to help each other grow and prosper, we all need to pay it forward,” says Sam. With consistent research and a respect for essential techniques, Sam is always on the move for new and unconventional ways of cutting and finishing hair. He shares his knowledge with stylists with the hope that they too will share with others to enrich the industry. Sam is co-founder of the Sam Villa® brand (Allvus, LLC), serving both stylists and consumers with tools including brushes, combs, thermal tools and shears/razors.
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