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Written by Redken TeamApr 19, 2019

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There’s no denying that natural, clean beauty options are having a major moment these days. From makeup to skincare and haircare, clients are coming to salon professionals to learn more about healthy, sustainable options for their beauty regimen.

Now, Redken is excited to introduce a line of clean haircare options with the NEW Nature + Science range. The haircare system, featuring naturally-derived ingredients, brings together the power of nature, with the performance and high-impact results of Redken. The best part? Nature + Science isn’t a whole new line, but rather a naturally-derived version of Redken’s cult-favorite haircare ranges, All Soft, Extreme, and Color Extend.

What Is Redken’s New Nature + Science System?

“You get all of the same haircare technology and benefits of All Soft, Color Extend and Extreme, but with a vegan and naturally-derived formula,” says Redken Artist Lindsay Olson. This is exciting news for anyone who wants to switch to cleaner, more natural haircare regimen, but does not want to give up the efficacy or performance of their products.

And natural is right; Redken’s Nature + Science shampoos are made with 83 percent naturally-derived ingredients while the conditioners are made with 99 percent naturally-derived ingredients. Plus, all of the products are vegan, and sulfate-, paraben-, and silicone-free.

What Naturally-Derived Ingredients are Included in the New Nature + Science System?

When it comes to ingredients, each Nature + Science shampoo and conditioner duo has its own unique superstar. The All Soft range uses birch sap to hydrate and replenish dry hair, the Extreme range strengthens and fortifies damaged hair with lupine protein, while the Color Extend range safeguards your haircolor with ginseng. Also nice: Nature + Science features a 100 percent natural fragrance, made with an invigorating and citrusy blend of sweet orange, kaffir lime, and cold-pressed lemon essential oils.

How Does Nature + Science Compare to Existing Redken All Soft, Color Extend and Extreme?

Nature + Science is a no compromise alternative to Redken’s cult favorite haircare ranges, All Soft, Extreme and Color Extend. Nature + Science offers powerful results leaving hair feeling clean with a light touch.

How "Clean" Are the Formulas?

All Nature + Science shampoo formulas are made with 83% naturally derived ingredients. All Nature + Science conditioner formulas are made with 99% naturally derived ingredients. The remaining % of ingredients are required in order to preserve the formulas freshness for up to 12 months. All Nature + Science formulas are silicone- free, sulfate-free, paraben-free and vegan, meaning they are made with no animal derived ingredients or by products.

Is the Fragrance All Natural? If So, What Is It Made With?

The fragrance is of 100% natural origin, and is made with a blend of essential oils including kaffir lime, geranium, sweet orange, bergamot, and cold pressed lemon essential oils, which contribute to its fresh, citrusy scent!

What Ingredients Are Included In New Nature + Science?

Nature + Science formulas are made with an optimal blend of naturally-derived ingredients to provide softening, strengthening and color protection benefits. Each formula is enhanced with the high performance ingredients below:
Color Extend = ginseng
Extreme = Lupine protein
All Soft = Birch Sap

In addition to these ingredients, the formulas include a blend of other naturally derived conditioning agents, such as coconut oil, glycerin and certyl esters instead of silicones that leave the hair feeling soft, smooth, nourished and conditioned.

Is the Nature + Science Range Vegan?
Yes, all Nature + Science formulas are vegan, meaning they contain no animal derived ingredients or by-products.

Is the Nature + Science Range Paraben Free?

Yes, all Nature + Science formulas are paraben free. They are all also silicone-free, sulfate-free, and formaldehyde-free.

Is the Packaging Recyclable?

Yes, Redken’s Nature + Science packaging is made from post-consumer recycled plastic. The retail size bottles consist of 94% post-consumer recycled plastic.

See below to discover Redken’s New Nature + Science range and experience the power of nature with the performance of Redken!
Photography: Courtesy of Redken
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