Discover The 1001 Blondes Collection With Redken Shades EQ

Written by Redken TeamApr 10, 2024

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Redken 1001 Blondes Shades EQ

Elevate clients’ blonding expertise with Shades EQ in which creating the perfect blonde is not just a routine, it’s an art. From icy blonde, strawberry blonde, golden blonde and everything in between, Shades EQ has stylists covered.

Discover Redken’s must-have blonde shades, gain insights and techniques from top blonding authority, Philip Foresto.

Mastering The Blonde Texture Game

Redken 1001 Blondes Shades EQ

Discover one of the many blonde toning texture techniques created with Shades EQ.

Gold Rush

Starting Level: Natural level 5

Lightener Formula:

Shades EQ Formula:

Tip From Redken to Achieve 1001 Blondes for Textured Hair

Work with the natural fall of the hair. For an airy and natural effect, lighten hair in a direction that complements its natural fall - up and out. Divide the hair into sections based on the natural fall to allow for detailed approach for every strand. Consider using a balayage technique, which involves hand-painting lightener on the hair, to create a softer and more natural look throughout the hair.

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Philip Foresto

Discover Philip Foresto’s Signature 1001 Blondes Formulas

Philip Foresto (@philipforest), Educator and Redken Brand Ambassador

Owner of Salon ICON in the heart of Nashville on Music Row, Philip has traveled the world teaching classes on his signature balayage technique, Expensive Hair.

In partnership with Philip, Redken has created three 1001 Blondes techniques that will help you achieve dimensional blonding with beautifully toned results.

Philip Foresto

Tips From Philip Foresto To Achieve 1001 Blondes

Q: How do you choose the right shades eq shades when performing a blonde service?

PF: “I think the most critical part of blonding is being able to determine the ideal shade for your client. What tone will suit their skin best: warm or cool? If you’re unsure, a great tip is to look at your client’s jewelry. Do they wear more gold or silver? If they wear both, you can lean either way.”

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Blonde Client Consultation Tips With Philip Foresto

Q: What’s your opening question in a consultation? 

PF: “What kind of wine would you like? No, all jokes aside. You have to know your client first. You have to understand how to approach each consultation individually and customize it to that person in order to make a strong connection. The most important questions are 1) What do you like? and 2) What do you want to avoid seeing in your hair?”

Q: When and how do you discuss price with your clients? 

PF: “I flag my prices in the beginning of our conversation, so we don’t get too far into the consultation without them knowing. I’m very firm with my prices. I think that in this industry, one of the biggest challenges I’ve seen with hairstylists is that we overwork and under charge. I make it known up front and if it’s not suitable for them, we discuss other options.”

Backgrounds and Tonal Breakdowns

Redken’s 1001 Blondes collection is made up of existing shades across 12 Shades EQ families: Natural, Ash Gold, Neutral Brown Blonde, Violet Gold, Natural Warm, Gold Iridescent, Gold, Warm Gold, Auburn and Auburn Accent, Gold Rose, Violet, and Violet Violet.

Natural: With blue and violet reflects and brown to tan backgrounds, 010N Delicate Natural, 09N Café Au Lait, 08N Mojave, and 07N Mirage are best for neutralizing unwanted warmth.

Ash Gold: With blue and gold reflects and brown to tan backgrounds, 010AG Misty Beige, 09AG Glossy Greige, and 07AG Smokey Beige are best for cool creamy tones that provide a smokey beige end result.

Neutral Brown Blonde: With red and violet reflects and brown to tan backgrounds, 010NB Caramel Cloud, 09NB Irish Crème, and 07NB Chestnut are best for balancing beige tones.

Violet Gold: With violet and gold reflects and a brown to tan background, 010VG Baby is best for iridescent blonde results with a soft gold finish.

Natural Warm: With gold reflects and brown to tan backgrounds, 010NW Iced Pina, 09NW Cream Soda, and 07NW Milk Tea are best for a subtle hint of warmth.

Gold Iridescent: With gold reflects and brown to tan backgrounds, 010GI Tahitian Sand, 09GI Hamptons, and 08GI St. Barths are best for cool golden tones with balanced iridescent tones.

Gold: With a yellow reflect and a brown to tan background, 010G Lemon Icing is best for balanced, soft golden tones.

Warm Gold: With yellow and orange reflects and a brown to tan background, 010WG Honey Gold is best for warm golden tones.

Auburn and Auburn Accent: With orange/red reflects and brown to tan backgrounds, 010AA Butternut and 07AA Turmeric are best for balanced warm orange tones.

Gold Rose: With gold and rose reflects and no background, 010GRo Sparkling Wine, 09GRo Blush Spritz, and 07GRo Golden Fizz are best for warm gold tones balanced with hints of rose.

Violet: With violet reflects and no background, 09V Platinum Ice and 08V Iridescent Quartz are best for diminishing yellow undertones.

Violet Violet: With violet and violet reflects and no background, 010VV Lavender Ice and 09VV Lilac Ice are best for diminishing yellow undertones for an icy result.

Tip From Redken: These shades are designed to perform at their best on natural blonde, previously color-treated blonde and pre-lightened blonde hair that is the same level or lighter than the shade being used. As always, 000 Crystal Clear can be used on any level of hair for condition and shine without adding tone.

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