How-To: Comb Twist

Written by Matrix TeamAug 31, 2021

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Whether you’re braiding, twisting, heat styling, or lightening the new A Curl Can Dream Matrix Total Results is designed to preserve and enhance beautiful curl patterns day after day. 

Get the look! A comb twist set creates firm, tight coils that can be worn as is or separated for more curl volume. Use a pintail cutting comb as your setting tool and be sure to apply plenty of moisturizing product to keep thirsty curls hydrated.

Products Used:

Perfect for weekly wash days, this deep cleansing shampoo gently removes buildup, dirt and impurities while preserving the curl pattern. 

Nourish thirsty curls and coils with this deeply hydrating mask. Use daily or after every shampoo. Apply and rinse or process with heat for a more powerful moisturizing experience. 

This rich leave-in cream provides vital moisture and definition without flaking or crunch. It’s the curl-loving go-to for every twisting, braiding, setting and wash-and-go technique. It leaves curls nourished and touchable without a trace of oiliness or crunch.

Style curls and coils to perfection with this lightweight gel. It’s ideal to layer over ACCD Moisturizing Cream to lock in curl definition. It produces a non-sticky curl cast that enhances shape, fights frizz and powers up shine.

Infused with sunflower seed oil, here’s the perfect final act for separating out curls and adding shine. The vegan formula absorbs quickly and completely and protects hair against damage.

Miracle Creator Multi-Benefit Treatment Spray

This hard-working spray nourishes, revitalizes, moisturizes, works as a UV protectant and more with 20+ benefits.


  • Prep hair with A Curl Can Dream Shampoo and Rich Mask
  • For extra hydration, cover hair with plastic cap, place under dryer for 20 min and rinse with cool water

  • Detangle hair one section at a time using Miracle Creator Multi-Benefit Treatment Spray

  • Divide the head into quadrants, then subdivide each quadrant into 1-inch subsections

  • Combine Moisturizing Cream and Light Hold Gel and distribute evenly from scalp to ends

  • Hair will form into a cluster of curls and each cluster will become a section

  • Insert a cutting comb at the top of each cluster at the scalp and flip the hair up and over the top of the comb, twist the comb and begin to move downwards

  • Continue flipping and turning the comb from scalp to ends, when the entire section is set it will form a curl

  • Repeat throughout the entire head

  • Diffuse, air dry or place under hood dryer until completely dry

  • Emulsify quarter size amount of Light-Weight Oil between hands and distribute evenly through hair

  • Break curls up into smaller curls to expand the shape
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