How-To: Twisted Pony

Written by Neal MalekMay 28, 2019

Read time 5 min

Neal Malek, @nealmhair, shares his pro tips and tricks on how to style a Twisted Pony two ways using PRAVANA's new stylers POLISH & ReUNITE SPLIT END MENDER ™ & Fresh Dry Shampoo!
About Expert
Neal Malek is a stylist based in Orlando and has been working in the industry for five years. He discovered his passion for the hair industry by stumbling upon a school while running errands. Neal practiced non-stop, scouting models on the street and fine-tuned his VIVIDS skills, creating an Instagram where he could capture all of his hard work. Neal placed first in the PRAVANA 2016 SHOW US YOUR VIVIDS Contest, which helped launch his career and grow his relationship with the brand. He is a member of PRAVANA COLLECTIVE. “There’s no other industry or career that would allow me to live up to my full potential as I am now!” said Neal.
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