How-To: Modern Shag With Dawn Atkinson

Written by Sexy Hair TeamAug 12, 2021

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SexyHair Educator Dawn Atkinson (@hairartistrybydawn) teaches you how to create the modern shag. Showcasing new techniques, tips and tricks, Dawn also shares her favorite SexyHair products to achieve this look.


artistrypro SexyHair Clean Palette Universal Shampoo 

artistrypro SexyHair Base Coat Universal Conditioner 

artistrypro SexyHair Cutting Edge Lightweight Priming Conditioner 

artistrypro SexyHair Hand Crafted Blow Dry Protection Serum

artistrypro SexyHair Construct Root Lift Spray

artistrypro SexyHair Avant-Guard Heat Protection & Finishing Spray

artistrypro SexyHair Tactile Spray


  • Prep: Shampoo and condition with artistrypro SexyHair Clean Palette Universal Shampoo and artistrypro SexyHair Base Coat Conditioner. Prime haircut and detangle with artistrypro SexyHair Cutting Edge Lightweight Priming Conditioner. Round brush and artistrypro SexyHair Hand Crafted Blow Dry Protection Serum.
  • Subdivide head shape from front to back, and left to right and with a center part. Section fringe from apex to corner of each eye. 
  • Create halo section from high point of head coming to a point just above occipital. Clip out of the way. 
  • Using artistrypro SexyHair Cutting Edge Lightweight Priming Spray, subdivide fringe in half vertically. Laterally direct each side of fringe to opposite side. With fingers parallel to part line and elevating for softness, use razor to cut short to long creating a curtain fringe.
  • In the side profile, working within vertical subsections, laterally direct each section forward. Using the fringe as a guide, cut short to long determining length. 
  • Continue movements working through back profile to nape. 
  • Using artistrypro SexyHair Cutting Edge, repeat on opposite side. 
  • Drop down halo section. Subdivide into four radial subsections from the high point of the head. 
  • Each section is held straight out from head shape, using the guide from the top of the head for entry, and lowering elevation ending at a fine taper at nape.
  • Comb all hair at natural fall. Customize perimeter and detail curtain fringe as desired. 
  • Apply artistrypro SexyHair Construct Root Lift Spray to the root area throughout. 
  • Resection into original haircut sectioning. Round brush with a medium round brush working within vertical subsections alternating direction for a clash curl effect. Fringe and hair around the face should be directed away from the face.
  • Using artistrypro SexyHair Avant-Guard Heat Protection & Finishing Spray, clash curl the hair using your flat iron, leaving the ends out and working within the original haircut sectioning. 
  • Spray artistrypro SexyHair Remodel Dry Shampoo at the root area and backcomb for additional support and volume. 
  • Spray artistrypro SexyHair Tactile Dry Texture Spray from midlengths to the ends for added texture and volume. 
  • Finish with artistrypro SexyHair Avant-Guard.


Lower elevation while cutting short to long to maintain length and density

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