How-To: Jennifer Lopez's Super Bowl Hair

Written by Maureen SheenFeb 3, 2020

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Source: Instagram/@chrisappleton1
When it comes to Jennifer Lopez, you can always expect next-level glam. But her Super Bowl LIV halftime show look, went above and beyond, surely nabbing a top spot on the shortlist of J. Lo’s most iconic looks. And the electrifying choreography and jaw-dropping Versace wardrobe aside, it was Lopez’s big volume hair of waist-length, bouncy curls that stole the show.

Celebrity stylist Chris Appleton (@chrisappleton1), the mane man behind J. Lo’s flawless waves, told Vogue that the superstar’s look was the result of a week of trial and error trying out different styles. “As effortless as it looks, it's a lot of planning to make sure the hair moves right in those six crucial minutes." And all that prep work paid off as social media and the internet have been nonstop in their praise and awe of Lopez’s beautiful bounce. Check out Appleton’s breakdown below to re-create the look.

1. Prep hair with ColorWow Dream Coat to smooth and to put a protective, waterproof layer on top of the hair.
2. Next, curl hair with a one-inch small iron to get a really strong foundation.
3. Then, brush out and go back in with a larger, two-inch curling iron.
4. Afterwards, place clips at the root and hit the entire head with cool air from the blow dryer to set it in place.
5. Finish curls with shine spray.

Source: Instagram/@chrisappleton1

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