How-To: Create Defined Curls On Textured Hair

Written by Sexy Hair TeamJul 8, 2020

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Source: Courtesy of Sexy Hair

Follow along as Shayla Robertson (@samirasjewelry), SexyHair Visionary Team Member and #ItTakesAProTeam Artist, shows you how to create defined curls with a lot of texture. Shayla’s model’s hair is naturally curly.


  • To get a clean and defined look, start by blow drying the hair smooth with SexyHair Prep Me for up to 450-degree thermal protection.
  • Take a small horizontal section in the back at the nape using a horizontal parting. Using SexyHair Powder Play Lite at the root area, tease the root to give a nice cushion for supporting the extensions and give volume.
  • Add clip-in extensions at the root area.
  • Using Sexy Hair Hot Control Me for thermal protection and light hold, lightly spray the top and bottom of the section of hair.
  • Next, working in small sections, create curls by wrapping the hair around the curling iron while twisting to get nice defined curls. Pin curls into place.
  • Repeat movements and technique in the back of the head adding extensions and curling with SexyHair Hot Control Me.
  • Continue working up the head shape curling everything towards the face.
  • Once everything is curled, starting at the back, begin taking down the curls.
  • Using SexyHair Texture High Tide hairspray for texture and hold, spray each curl with High Tide and pull the curls upwards for nice thick texture. Continue this on all curls.
  • Finish with SexyHair Texture High Tide hairspray for a natural finish and up to 24 hours humidity resistance.

When working in small sections to create curls, use the same clip to hold multiple sections at once.

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