How To Build Your Color Correction Business With The Midlight By Matt Rez

Written by Redken TeamOct 23, 2019

Read time 5 min

When it comes to building your haircolor business and maximizing your earnings potential in the salon, it’s important to approach all client scenarios with a plan. For color correction clients in particular, it can be challenging to determine the best approach.

Here, Redken Brand Ambassador Matt Rez, creator of The Midlight color correction technique, shares his top tips to help guarantee a successful color correction appointment with every guest.

Matt Rez’s Top Color Correction Tips:

1. Pricing A Midlight
Charge for an extra foiling service in addition to your standard foiling fee to account for extra product and time without burdening your client's wallet.

2. Master The Consultation
Take time to have a proper consultation. Be honest with your client about what is possible.

3. Must-Have Maintenance

Always gloss between foiling appointments to keep tone on point. Prescribe a sulfate-free care regimen such as Color Extend Magnetics Nature + Science for color maintenance, and color depositing shampoo such as Color Extend Blondage for fending off brass.

4. Ensure A Return Client
Color corrections often involve 2+ visits to reach the client's desired result. Be sure to improve your client's hair by at least 70% on the first visit to win your client's trust.

Matt Rez is a Redken Brand Ambassador and celebrity colorist specializing in all techniques of haircolor, including his exclusive creation, the Midlight™️ color correction technique.