How-To: Achieve the Ultimate Silk Press

Written by MIZANI TeamSep 1, 2021

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A silk press is a service staple for textured guests looking to achieve a style shift towards texture out manipulation. Mizani’s new Press Agent collection is a thermal styling, four-product system that helps create the sleek, smooth and shiny blow out for all texture types behind the chair while preserving hair’s integrity. Follow the steps below to achieve silk press success and to ensure your clients reach their ultimate #HairGoal. 


Mizani Press Agent Sulfate Free Shampoo 

Mizani Press Agent Sulfate Free Conditioner

Mizani Raincoat Styling Cream

Mizani Raincoat Styling Serum


1. It’s imperative to start your service with freshly washed hair. Begin with Press Agent Sulfate Free Shampoo to prep and protect your client’s hair for thermal styling. Its lightweight, sulfate-free formula makes it easy to detangle clients’ hair in the sink. The rich lather properly cleanses the hair to ensure even application for next product steps. Press Agent Shampoo is safe for color treated and keratin treated hair. Mizani Artist, Rachel Redd shares her Texpert tip: “As a colorist, it's important to maintain the integrity and vibrancy of the hair color by using sulfate free shampoo.” 

2. Once shampoo is completely rinsed, the next step is to use Press Agent Sulfate Free Conditioner. Lock in moisture and watch the conditioner melt into the hair for smooth detangling. Both Press Agent Shampoo and Conditioner contain fragrance notes of pink grapefruit and juicy mandarin with a hint of floral and musk to create a unique aroma experience at the sink. 

3. After rinsing and a light towel dry, it’s time for Press Agent Raincoat Styling Cream. Apply the moisturizing blow dry cream to damp hair. Its lightweight, easy-to-layerformula creates no product flaking or build up. It protects against heat damage up to 450, protecting hair integrity against a blow dryer, hooded dryer, curling iron, flat iron or any other thermal styling tool used for your silk press.

4. The magic of the Press Agent collection is to mix the Raincoat Styling Serum with the Raincoat Styling Cream. Dispense one part Raincoat Styling Cream to two parts Raincoat Styling Serum in hands and emulsify. Work up from ends to root, applying mixture evenly through hair. Depending on texture type, density and porosity reapply as necessary. Both the Raincoat Styling Cream and Raincoat Styling Serum include a UV filter to help product the hair from harsh UV rays that can dry out hair and create more frizz. “This dynamic duo brings out the natural shine in the hair, still leaving movement throughout the hair,” says Redd. 

5. Section the hair and begin the thermal styling process as desired. Stretch and dry the hair on low and cool settings with a hair dryer. Once hair has been stretched and dried, begin flat ironing the hair. Keep tension tight and work in small sections to ensure a silky smooth finish. 

6. Once blow drying and heat styling is complete, use one pump of Raincoat Styling Serum to control flyaways and add extra shine. After finishing with Raincoat Styling Serum, you now have the ultimate silk press, achieving all the #HairGoals of a moveable, lightweight, frizz-free blow out

how to silk press before and after silk press mizani

Source: Courtesy of Mizani 


Always detangle from ends to roots, working your way up your client’s hair with a detangling brush or wide tooth comb. For higher texture types that need extra #TextureLove, put clients under a hydration or steam machine for 15 minutes before rinsing with cool water to help lock in moisture and combat humidity. "Humidity is the number one deterrent for higher textures wanting to retain a sleek style such as the silk press,” says Redd.

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