How-To: Style Shift A Mizani Aircut With Press Agent

Written by MIZANI TeamApr 28, 2022

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Mizani knows that, now more than ever, girls are embracing their inner Style Shifter. They’re constantly looking to change up their hairstyle, and want a look that will be flattering no matter what they are rocking. The Mizani Aircut is a solution-based cutting method specifically designed with the style shifter in mind. It’s a re-creatable curl cutting technique that can be performed on any texture type. And the best part? With the Aircut, clients are able to wear their hair curly or straight.

Mizani Artist, Lenise Robinson, demos her top tips and tricks for how to style shift a Mizani Aircut into a beautiful silk press. Lenise uses Mizani’s Press Agent Shampoo and Conditioner to cleanse, hydrate, and prime the hair for styling. She also uses Press Agent Raincoat Styling Cream and Raincoat Styling Serum to help smooth the hair out and protect from any heat damage. Tune in to hear how the Mizani Aircut coupled with the Press Agent line can help you achieve silk press success behind the chair.

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