How 3 Hair Pros Keep Their Clients' Hair Healthy All Summer Long

Written by Biolage Education TeamJul 11, 2022

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Summer in the salon is a special time. Clients are happy and relaxed and bursting with stories  and  memories from  their  beach  getaways  and  family  get-togethers.  Unfortunately, their hair often bears the evidence of all that summer fun. Throughout June, July and August, you’re dealing  with dry, dehydrated  strands;  damage  from  sun, salt and chlorine; oily scalps; droopy curls and faded and off-tone hair color. Are you up to the summer hair health challenge? Here’s how three of your fellow pros deal with summer hair woes.


As a celebrity stylist in Florida, Sunnie Brook handles hair color maintenance challenges year-round.  She encounters unwanted undertones, off tones, fading and general damage from frequent exposure to saltwater, sunlight and pool chemicals. The key to avoiding these problems, she asserts, is prevention.  “Before my clients start spending time at the beach, I  suggest  they  use Biolage  All  In  One  Coconut Infusion Multi-Benefit  Treatment Spray for heat and color protection,” she says. “It’s a great all-purpose  formula  that  also  keeps  the  hair shiny  and  fights frizz.  I  love  to  spray  it  on  the  ends  before  swimming  to  protect  hair  from  pool chemicals and make it easy to detangle after swimming.” Hair masks are the other go-to tools in Brook’s hair care arsenal. “Any time is mask time—before  and  after  sun  exposure,” she says. “Biolage Color Last Deep Treatment Pack is a must for reviving hair color. Another idea? Tell your client to apply the mask to damp hair before she heads to the beach. The heat will activate the formula while protecting her hair, and when she rinses it out her strands will be unbelievably soft and hydrated.” 


Some hair types swell like crazy in hot and humid summer conditions. Other simply fall flat, losing all  body  and  volume,  as  well  as  curl  definition.  Biolage Artist Danielle Keasling turns to Hydra Source Detangling Solution for Dry Hair when clients’ curls have lost their spring and bounce. “This is my go-to product to hydrate and define natural texture,” she says. “It locks in curl moisture without losing curl bounce. It’s lightweight and doesn’t weight the hair down. It also controls frizz and flyaways.” 

Clients  with  fine,  straight  hair may  also  experience  a  loss  in  body  and  volume  in  hot  summer months. In these instances, Keasling recommends switching to lightweight hair care products that add  some  extra  volume.  She  often  recommends Biolage  Volume  Bloom Shampoo  and Conditioner for Fine Hair. “These products are gentle on fine hair,” she says. “They never add weight to delicate strands, so you don’t sacrifice volume for moisture. I also show my clients how to  get  an  extra  boost  with  a  hair  expanding  leave-in  like Biolage Volume Bloom Full Lift Volumizing Spray for Fine Hair.”



Summer can suck hair dry, especially if it already tends to be short on moisture, and dryness can lead to dullness, frizz and flyaways. “Whether it’s too much pool chlorine or too much sun exposure,  I  see  massive  amounts  of  dry,  damaged  hair  in  the  summer,” says Celebrity Stylist Monae Everett. Her strategy starts with a deep cleanse, using Biolage Clean Reset Shampoo

“It’s a deep cleanser that removes all residue and prepares the hair to receive moisture,” she explains. “If there is buildup on the scalp, I may treat it with an exfoliator like Biolage All In One Shampoo Scrub.” The next step is a deep conditioning mask. Everett usually turns to the Biolage Hydra  Source  Deep  Treatment  Pack, which  provides  intense,  penetrating  moisture.After treating hair with the Hydra Source mask, she says the deep hydration takes effect instantly and fried summer hair is revived. “For hair care throughout the rest of the summer,” she says, “I recommend cleansing with Biolage Hydra Source Shampoo and using the Hydra Source Deep Treatment Pack regularly. My clients tell me these formulas transform hair from damaged and uncooperative to hydrated, shiny, and bouncy.”


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