Holiday Tutorial: Butterfly Halo Braids

Written by Ashtae Education TeamDec 13, 2023

Read time 5 min

Ashtae Halo Braids Tutorial

Add a whimsical touch to your clients’ holiday hairdo with these butterfly halo braids. Follow along with Ashtae Educator, Ashley Jackson (@amichellehairstyles), as she shows a step-by-step guide on how to achieve this delicate yet enchanting style.

Products Used:


Step 1: Double cleanse the hair with Ashtae's Clarifying Shampoo and Volumizing Detangling Shampoo. Rinse and condition with Ashtae’s Heavenly Silk and Shine Protein Conditioner, letting it sit for three to five minutes. 

Step 2: Using Ashtae Moisture Plus Leave-in Conditioner, part the hair into four to six sections, detangling each section from the ends and working it into the roots. Twist the working section into a big twist and secure it. Repeat until each section is detangled.

Step 3: Using a comb attachment, blow dry each section with medium to high heat. If desired, stylists may use a concentrator and round brush to achieve a smoother, straighter finish.

Step 4: On either side of the head, section the hair in a c-shape from the temple to the top of the ear. Form parts that resemble flower petals and secure away the extra hair. Part each petal down the middle, then braid hair in a circle for the center of the flower. 

Step 5: Braid each petal in a loop until the flower is completed. Add hair and create a knotless braid for the sideburn pieces. Curl the end with a cold rod and dip in boiling water to set the curl, making sure to leave the rod in to dry.

Step 6: Beginning on the opposite side of the head with braid, part the hair in a slight curving motion, ending the part in the middle of the nape of the head. Using the Ashtae Lay and Stay Edge Controlcover the entire part with a rat tail or parting comb, and secure away one side.

Step 7: Apply Ashtae High Gloss Curl Waxbrushing through with a paddle brush. Braid neatly from part tip to scalp, securing the end under the braid with a bobby pin. Repeat on the other side.

Step 8: Apply Ashtae Diamond Hold Spray to one section of the braid, smoothing with a fine-tooth comb, then blow drying on medium heat. Repeat in each section.

Step 9: Repeat steps six and seven.

Step 10: Using two packs of braiding hair, have someone hold the braiding hair on the head while you create the butterfly braid. Begin creating the butterfly braid loosely, gently pulling the sides of the braid every two or three overlaps. Continue until the end of the braid, then repeat the process for the second braid. 

Step 11: To attach the butterfly braid, secure it to the cornrow tip using a concealed bobby pin. Continue from the center on each side, ensuring the pin is hidden, then repeat on the opposite side.

Step 12: Roll the braid ends up and pin in the center.

Step 13: Add clip accessories in the back center of the pin-up and between the two braids in the front.