Holiday Tutorial: Natural Festive Fro

Written by Ashtae Education TeamDec 15, 2023

Read time 5 min

Festive Fro Tutorial

Spread holiday spirit in the salon by mastering this festive fro style, radiating ‘tis the season vibes. This step-by-step guide by Ashtae Educator Ashley Jackson (@amichellehairstyles) will show the tips and tricks every stylist needs to achieve this look for their clients. 

Products Used:


Step 1: Double cleanse the hair with Ashtae's Clarifying Shampoo and Volumizing Detangling Shampoo. Rinse and condition with Ashtae’s Heavenly Silk and Shine Protein Conditioner, letting it sit for three to five minutes. 

Step 2: Using Ashtae Moisture Plus Leave-in Conditioner, part the hair into four to six sections, detangling each section from the ends and working it into the roots. Twist the working section into a big twist and secure it. Repeat until each section is detangled.

Step 3: Starting from the first section and blow dry with medium to high heat, using a comb attachment until the hair is completely dry. Do not use a round brush and concentrator, as the hair does not need to be completely straight. 

Step 4: If the hair is uneven or has split ends, trim the ends of the entire head. 

Step 5: From the temple to top of the ear, section hair in a c-shape to form flower petals. Secure the extra hair and leave a small sideburn piece. Braid a central circle and petals in a loop formation. Add hair, creating a knotless braid for the sideburn, then fold and wrap for a coiled effect.

Step 6: Form the hair into an afro using a pick and Ashtae Diamond Hold spray. To even out the afro, pat the hair with the palms of your hands, then finish by applying the Ashtae Diamond Hold Spray. 

Step 7: Add hair jewelry, accessories and a flower in the middle, using a dab of hair glue to keep it in place. Finish by spraying Ashtae Sili Gloss.