Hair Hack: Making Bobby Pins and Hair Pins Work For You

Written by Sam VillaMar 16, 2018

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Are you using bobby pins correctly? See how to use hair pins to keep your updos in place keep them from sliding out!
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Sam Villa is changing the industry one hairdresser at a time! Whether he’s teaching in a hands-on class, on the main stage, or reaching his millions of social media followers, Sam changes people. As the 2017 NAHA Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, he is known for doing things differently to challenge, inspire and motivate. His encouragement to stylists is unrivaled, as he genuinely wants each one of them to reach deep to identify how they can make a change to promote their own growth. His talents stretch far beyond his brilliant cutting and finishing skills; his business tips help stylists think about how they speak to their guests to add value behind the chair. “Sharing is the greatest gift we can give one another…to help each other grow and prosper, we all need to pay it forward,” says Sam. With consistent research and a respect for essential techniques, Sam is always on the move for new and unconventional ways of cutting and finishing hair. He shares his knowledge with stylists with the hope that they too will share with others to enrich the industry. Sam is co-founder of the Sam Villa® brand (Allvus, LLC), serving both stylists and consumers with tools including brushes, combs, thermal tools and shears/razors.
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