Get The Look Woven Holiday Style

Written by Biolage Education TeamNov 15, 2022

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Follow along as Biolage Artistic Director Danielle Keasling shares a fave holiday look so you can re-create the style for your clients this season.



Biolage Strength Recovery Shampoo

Biolage Strength Recovery Conditioning Cream

Biolage Strength Recovery Spray

Biolage Freeze Fix

Biolage Complete Control

Jewelry wire, ribbon, embellished threading


Shampoo and condition hair with the shampoo and conditioner that best suits your guest’s needs. If they use a lot of heat and styling tools, suggest starting with the new Biolage Strength Recovery Shampoo followed by the Biolage Strength Recovery Conditioning Cream.
Blow dry with Biolage Strength Recovery Spray for additional heat support.
Once fully dried, take a section diagonally back from the outer corner of the right eyebrow. Take the section back to right before the top of the head and pin back so the section is tucked away.
Take the same on the opposite side and use to create the side faux fringe. Secure to the opposite side of the head.
Use Biolage Freeze Fix or Biolage Complete Control to piece out and detail the faux fringe.
Next, use the hair from the top two sections and incorporate hair to create a three-strand braid.
Add desired jewelry wire, ribbon, or adorned threading to the braid for more glam and to enhance the holiday look.
Finish off the ends with an iron to create more waves, using hairspray to lock in the shape.

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