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Written by Pulp Riot TeamJan 22, 2021

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Source: Courtesy of Pulp Riot

Pulp Riot Educator and Butterfly Loft Stylist Cory Hoffman (@coryhoffmanhair), breaks down how she achieved this gorgeous halo technique. “My model already had amazing hair, so I just wanted to enhance her natural color and texture,” she says. “I created some highlights around her face, taking horizontal sections and leaving about one-inch in-between. I then toned with Pulp Riot Liquid Demis because of the low pH and to add shine. I enhanced her natural texture for the style and finished with a small curling iron to create a little definition.”

Formula 1: BlondeAF + 20-vol 1:2
Formula 2: Liquid Demi 7-0
Formula 3: Equal parts Liquid Demi 9-1 + 9-2 + 0-0


Source: Courtesy of Pulp Riot

- Part hair into four quadrants.
- Working in horizontal subsections, highlight hair with Formula 1, leaving a ½-inch between foils. Process to pale yellow.
- Rinse and shampoo hair with Barcelona Toning Shampoo.
- Towel dry hair and apply Formula 2 from scalp to mids (two to three inches down) and Formula 3 from mids through the ends. Process for 20 mins.
Rinse and shampoo with Bangkok Color-Safe Shampoo and condition with Santa Barbara Intensive Hair Mask. Leave the hair super wet. Do not brush. 
Starting at the nape, working in ½-inch sections, spraying Copenhagen Leave-In Conditioner and applying Hanoi Curl Cream to coat scalp to ends. 
Work the product into the section with your fingers only. 
Twist small subsections to reinforce the curl pattern.
Continue throughout the entire head. If section starts to dry, spray water so the entiresection is wet.
- Diffuse the hair until dry. And remember, less touching the better.
Wrap curls around the face with a 9mm iron and polish with Memphis Shine Mist.


Source: Courtesy of Pulp Riot

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