Bringing Back Natural Texture After A Silk Press

Dec 6, 2021

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Mizani Artist Jamal Edmonds (@lamajbackwards) shares his pro method on bringing back natural texture to hair after a silk press with no heat damage. Using only four of his favorite Mizani products, shows his quick and easy way for texture in that you can try behind the chair on your next client. 

1. Evenly spray the hair down with water using a spray bottle.

2. Use fingers to encourage the hair texture back into the hair, scrunch or finger coil pieces with hands.

3. Use 25 Miracle Milk evenly throughout the hair. This will be your leave-in conditioner to moisturize and encourage the hair's natural texture.

Pro tip: Always be detangling! Use your fingers to detangle and evenly distribute product throughout the hair.

4. Using Styling Foam Wrap, pump 4-6 pumps into hands and emulsify.

5. Add a quarter size of True Textures Perfect Coil Oil Gel.

6. To finish, blow dry or diffuse the hair to set the products.

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