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Written by Redken TeamAug 18, 2020

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At Redken, our mission is to empower you to learn better, earn better and live best! Though the world has changed, our mission has not. We are excited to offer online education at your fingertips through a series of upcoming digital education events, virtual hands-on classes, look & learn events and more!

See below to learn how you can access online digital education with Redken’s industry experts and educators.

The Redken Exchange Live Hands-On Sessions:
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With these digital sessions, Redken is excited to bring you personal based, hands-on education from the award-winning NYC Exchange Academy virtually. Experience the same amazing facilitators, learn the latest techniques, with the same interactivity, culture and fun.

“With the Redken Exchange Hands On Sessions, I loved being in a hands-on web session, with the ability to ask questions, interact with other class members and learn new ways of creating current trends.”- Hannah Kramer of J. Morgan Salon

Click here to access The Redken Exchange Live class calendar and register for upcoming sessions.

Redken Inspires VIP Events:
With the Redken Inspires class series, Redken’s monthly virtual Look & Learn events, you’ll access education with the industry’s top educators. Click here to learn about upcoming VIP events with facilitators like Sam Villa and Chris Baran.

Redken Power Sessions:
Continue to connect with Redken and advance your education with the Redken Exchange Live: Power Sessions. Each week, these Power Sessions will offer live online education taught by Redken Exchange Artists with guest industry icons as we come together to collaborate, demonstrate & inspire. Click here for more information.

Redken Educator Calendar:
With these digital education events, Redken’s network of educators will teach the latest trends, techniques and business building tips. Click here to access the calendar.

Redken Education on Demand:
Source: Courtesy of Redken

Not able to join for a live digital class? Visit Redken Education on Demand for access to educational tutorial videos, tips, and information on the newest Redken products and more.

To access Redken's full digital education calendar, visit

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