6 Ways To Be Holiday Ready

Written by Biolage Education TeamNov 15, 2022

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6 Ways To Be Holiday Ready

The upcoming holiday season promises to be the most festive in a while. Parties, weddings and other festive occasions are back on your clients’ schedules and that means they’ll be looking to raise the game when it comes to their hair. Are you ready to make the most of what looks to be an extremely hectic and potentially lucrative time in the salon? Here are six tips to ensure you’re ready for a holly, jolly time between now and the new year.



All of your clients are going to want to get their roots done, their highlights refreshed, and their ends trimmed before the holidays kick off and you only have so many hours in the day. To ensure they aren’t disappointed and get the appointments they want when they want them, start pre-booking now. Let everyone in your chair know you are filling up fast between now and the end of the year and if they want to stay on track with their hair regimens it’s best to make all of their holiday appointments well in advance.


This season, that WFH messy bun just won’t do anymore, but your clients may be feeling a little lost when it comes to going-out hair. So why not share a few style tips and ideas while they’re in your chair? Show them how to use Biolage Thermal Active Hair Spray and a curling iron, for example, to achieve trendy, Botticelli waves. Or offer a quick Biolage Complete Control Hairspray tutorial, demonstrating where to place the can and how to apply hair spray in quick, light bursts for hold without clumping.



Now is the time earn some extra income with product sales. First off, check out what kind of special-edition holiday gift sets are available from your favorite product companies and stock up. Display them prominently if you have room in your salon or on your station. Then watch them fly out the door as clients snap them up for stocking stuffers and gifts for teachers, tutors, dog walkers, family members and friends. Also, regarding the above-mentioned holiday hair styles, be sure to have all the products and tools your clients will need to get the looks you teach them. That includes thermal protectors like Biolage Thermal Active Hair Spray, setting gels like Biolage Gelee and of course, plenty of Biolage Complete Control Hairspray.


6 Ways To Be Holiday Ready


Gift certificates for salon services are the number one source of incremental income for salons at holiday time. Think about it. Selling a gift certificate to a client doubles the service ticket for that appointment. Make it as easy as possible for your clients to purchase gift certificates by stocking up with paper versions as well as offering an online gift certificate purchasing option. Use signage at the front desk and at each station to alert clients to the idea of purchasing the gift of beauty for friends and loved ones. Get the word out on your social media platforms. Consider the popular “one for you and one for me” incentive—each person who purchases a gift certificate gets an additional one at a reduced rate or for free. Another tip? Make your gift certificates redeemable after the new year when business in the salon tends to slow down a bit.



Social media is a year-round endeavor and during the holiday season it’s more important than ever. This is how you get the word out about your holiday promotions, gift sets, gift certificates, raffles and events. You can also share styling tips, reminders to book appointments and schedule updates. Prepare as many posts as possible ahead of time so you aren’t bogged down when business really starts to pick up!



Not gonna sugar coat it, you’re going to be slammed between now and January 1. So it will serve you well to prep and maintain both your body and your mind for this end-of-year sprint. Be sure you’re taking the time to get enough sleep; eat regular, healthy meals and get some exercise. Don’t skip your yoga or stretching class—hairdressing can be hard on your body and these workouts are essential to help avoid injury. Also, keep up with whatever it is that relaxes and restores you, whether it’s taking a daily walk in the woods, your weekly happy hour with friends, movie night with the family, listening to music or meditating. If you go into the holiday season with a healthy body, a clear mind and an upbeat attitude, you’ll come out a winner, physically, emotionally and financially.



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