5 Tips For The Perfect High Shine Results

Written by Redken TeamSep 23, 2021

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Source: Courtesy of Redken

When it comes to creating beautiful hair in the salon, product isn’t an option, it’s a necessity. And nobody champions that more than Redken Global Artistic Ambassador Sam Villa.

Two of Sam’s must-have products for the season are Redken Oil For All multi-benefit hair oil and Shine Flash shine spray. These products ensure high shine and beautiful end results on all hair types and textures. See below for quick tips from Sam Villa on how to use these products to create your best work in the salon this season and visit redkenpro.com for more styling hacks with Sam.

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Source: Courtesy of Redken

1. Use Redken Oil For All when creating braided looks and twists in the salon. This multi-purpose oil adds slip and shine as you braid to help you create an elevated, illuminating look. 

2. To create radiant shine on curls and waves, start by emulsifying Redken Oil For All between your palms. Let your hands heat the product as you emulsify and then rake your hands through the curls for an easier application. As you rake the product through the curls, lift and expand the hair to create amazing shine and volume. 

3. For the perfect finishing touch on curls or a blowout, spray Redken Shine Flash generously throughout the hair. Be sure to spray the product close to the hair to amplify shine and reflection for a glamorous end result. 

4. As salons have re-opened and enforced new safety policies, you may find that you have shorter time with each guest. Use Oil For All to prep hair for a fast and glossy blow dry. This lightweight oil protects hair from heat and reduces the time needed to blow dry hair. It’s the perfect time saver in the salon. 

5. Want to take the perfect photo of your client’s textured updo or hair color? After styling, spray your guest’s hair with Redken Shine Flash. This lightweight shine spray will accentuate the dimension of your client’s hair color and the details of your styling work.

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