5 Holiday Nail Trends To Get In On Now

Written by Maureen SheenOct 24, 2023

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Holiday Nail Trends

Check out these five nail trends that are sure to be holiday hits.

Trend: Pearl Nails
Pearls are in the spotlight this season for all things aesthetics, making them a perfect accessory for any nail look.

Source: Courtesy of @thehangedit

Trend: Chromatic French Tips
Shimmer and shine elevate everything #amirite?

Source: Courtesy of @nails_of_la

Trend: Starry Nails
It's your time to shine with this star nail look.

Source: Courtesy of @nailsinc

Trend: Muted French Manicure
This nail look revamps the classic french mani, combining a subtle pink-hue and white tips with a new rounded shape.

Source: Courtesy of @nails_of_la

Trend: Glitter Nails
Is it even holiday without sparkle?

Source: Courtesy of @ritaremark