Your Haircolor Business: 5 Key Trends

Written by Modern Salon CustomJul 2, 2018

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You’re totally on top of which haircolors are trending, but do you have your finger on the pulse of the haircolor business? Modern Salon’s Process Haircolor Studies tracks emerging color trends among clients and stylists. Here are five key findings that can either spur ideas for your business or confirm that you’re already ahead of the curve.

1. It’s all about hair health. Understandably, as clients become chameleon-like with their haircolor—pink today, mint green tomorrow—hair damage emerges as more and more of an issue. Color pros are hyperaware of the need to keep hair healthy—86 percent of those surveyed cite damage prevention as their number one healthy hair concern.
Takeaway: Don’t let hair health fall by the wayside as you offer clients an ever-expanding kaleidoscope of color options.

2. It’s still mostly about gray coverage. It may seem like it’s all about unicorns and rainbows, but stats show that a whopping 72 percent of clients want gray coverage when they come to the salon.
Takeaway: Be sure you and your team are just as skilled with grey coverage formulation, application and processing as you are with pastels and vibrant colors.

3. Managing expectations is a must. Clients see a jaw-dropping, six-shade color melt on Instagram and they insist it’s a must-have. But you know what it takes to achieve those results, and not every client’s hair is up to the process. Of colorists surveyed, 77 percent say they manage expectations by explaining the risks and making expectations crystal clear.
Takeaway: A dissatisfied client can harm your business and your reputation, so conduct a thorough consultation and present every possible outcome before proceeding with a questionable color service. Or, just say no.

4. Bond builders are saving the day. Three out of four pros say they are now using bond builders, and not just for extreme color services. Two-thirds believe these formulas should be used whenever a client’s hair requires it, and the upcharge should be automatically incorporated. Thirty percent think a bonder should be incorporated when needed without an additional charge. And 41 percent confirm that the use of bond builders makes them more comfortable when performing a chemical service.
Takeaway: If you’re not integrating bond builders into your business, you’re omitting a valuable tool in your arsenal for healthy colored hair.

5. Color isn’t complete without a home care plan. More and more colorists recognize what happens at home can have a huge effect on their color work. Poor at-home color care reflects directly back on you, right or wrong. Color pros say their top concerns regarding bad home behavior are overuse of heat tools (68 percent), use of box color (51%) and failure to use professional products (39%).
Takeaway: Set color clients up with comprehensive strategies for home care, including product recommendations and styling education. It’s good for their hair and good for your business.

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