The Secret To Elevating Any Service In 5 Minutes Or Less

Written by Biolage Education TeamJul 11, 2022

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If you ask any salon client to identify their favorite part of the service, the answer may surprise you. You may expect them to say, “Oh by far, it's all about the great haircut” or “I'm obsessed with the amazing hair color.” But most of the time, they will probably say, “I can't get enough of the scalp massage at the shampoo bowl.” Surprised? You shouldn't be. A luxurious head massage is one of the most relaxing treats a client can experience. It costs you nothing more than a few extra minutes of your time and the payback is immeasurable in terms of amplifying client enjoyment and ultimately, client loyalty. Here are some tips for elevating every service with a soothing massage in five minutes or less.

· When creating your shampoo bowl strategy, focus on the three Cs: cleanse, condition and calm.
· Shift your own approach. Instead of viewing this phase of the shampoo service as a quick sudsing, a slap-on of conditioner and a hasty rinse, think about how you can transform these moments into something more pampering for your client.
· Be thoughtful about products. Make this a customized experience rather than simply pumping out whatever happens to be at the backbar. For example, if your client is experiencing product buildup, use a clarifier like Biolage Clean Reset to remove buildup and impurities without drying the hair. If you observe dandruff on the scalp, treat it with Biolage Scalp Sync Dandruff Shampoo. If the hair and scalp are oily, try Biolage Scalp Sync Cooling Mint Shampoo, which will balance the scalp and impart a refreshing, cooling sensation. Likewise, select a conditioning formula to treat the client's specific needs, such as Biolage Smooth Proof Conditioner to combat frizz or Biolage Scalp Sync Conditioner for weightless moisture.
· You can integrate the massage into the shampoo or conditioning portion of the service. Most prefer to do it after applying the conditioner, which gives the product more time to penetrate into the hair. You can also do it on dry hair, prior to shampooing and conditioning.
So, ready to rub? Here's a step-by-step technique for a calming and relaxing massage. 
1. Begin at the hairline and relax the client using small circular movements with your fingertips. Work back through the crown and nape area.
2. Next, place your thumbs on the crown and perform long, steady, firm strokes from crown to hairline, front and back.
3. Anchor your four fingers on each side of the head and use your thumbs to sweep from the center of the head to each side. Work from the front hairline up to the crown and down the back of the head.
4. Finish with lighter, feathering strokes, using the fingertips. Work from the front hairline, up and around to the back of the head and nape.

Distribute the conditioner and stimulate the scalp with a detangling brush. 

You can also get creative and add pampering touches like placing a warm towel around the neck or positioning a fragrance dispenser filled with an aromatic essential oil nearby.  
It's that simple and remember: A scalp massage with customized cleansing and conditioning formulas is the perfect way to go above and beyond the ordinary and transform the shampoo bowl into an indulgent haven for every client.
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