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Written by SalonCentric TeamApr 28, 2021

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From the Bible to Taylor Swift, they say two is better than one. And when it comes to styling products, we couldn’t agree more. Dynamic duos, perfect pairs, double the fun, all the puns—mixing and matching curl creams, leave-ins, mousses, sprays and more is the secret to styling perfection. Here, the SalonCentric #ItTakesAProTeam share their go-to product cocktails for creating endless good hair days.

Timbo Mack @timboplease

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Pair-fection: Pravana Polish and ReUnite Split End Mender, PRAVANA Hydra Pearl Oil

pravana reunite  pravana hydra pearl
My two of my favorite go-to products are PRAVANA Polish & ReUnite with a few drops of PRAVANA Hydra Pearl Replenishing Oil. Together, I get over-the-top results on all my blow outs. Polish & ReUnite is armed with ReUnite Mending Technology featuring plant-based polymers and amino acids to mend those over worked ends from the inside out while the Hydro Pearl Oil gives me heat protection for up to 450 degrees. The perfect pair, for perfect hair.

Caroline Guiney @caroline.anythingbutbasic

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Pair-fection: Authentic Beauty Concept Blow Dry Primer, Authentic Beauty Concept Hydrate Lotion

abc blow dry primer abc hydrate lotion
Looking for the perfect blowout? I've got you with Authentic Beauty Concept's Hydrate Lotion and Blowdry Primer. These two work perfectly together. The Hydrate Lotion leaves the hair detangled and protected from blow drying and iron heat. The Blow Dry Primer gives a light hold and offers more heat protection. I love these products and everyone who sits in my chair is obsessed. 

Antonio Estrada @ antestradahair

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Pair-fection: Sexyhair Artistry Pro Cutting Edge Conditioner, Sexyhair Artistry Pro Tactile Spray

sexyhair cutting edge sexyhair tactile spray
Cutting edge is the perfect lightweight leave-in conditioner for all hair types. I love to use it while detangling the hair. It adds shine, heat protection and tames frizz. And Tactile is one of the easiest products to use. Tactile adds so much volume to textures and waves, and has a transparent finish. These two products work well together. Apply Cutting edge in wet hair for detangling and heat protection, and use Tactile in dry hair to add volume, taking your style to the next level for up to 72 hours.

Annette Waligora @annette.updo.artist

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Pair-fection: Verb Dry Texture Spray, Verb Volume Texture Powder

verb volume spray verb-texture-powder
I love using these two products together because the Volume Texture Powder puffs to deliver instant volume at the root, making it perfect for fine, thin, or flat hair. The Dry Texture Spray has a medium hold and can be used to add more volume to areas needed. It's one of my go-to product cocktails to add volume in my upstyles and braids.

Philip rel="noopener noreferrer" Wolff @philipwolffhair

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Pair-fection: Matrix Miracle Creator, Matrix Miss Mess

matrix miss mess miracle
I love using Matrix Miracle Creator Spray on almost every client as a cutting lotion, and Matrix Miss Mess as my go-to for finishing work, whether it's used on textured wavy lobs, shags, long layers, bobs, or even rel="noopener noreferrer" men's. If it needs a workable, pliable hold or separation without the heaviness, these two products are it.

Christopher Aaron @christopheraaronstudio

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Pair-fection: L'ANZA Defrizz Cream, L'ANZA Keratin Healing Oil Smooth Down Spray

defrizz cream lanza smooth down
I rel="noopener noreferrer" love working with the Defrizz Cream and Smooth Down Spray. They’re great because they work on every hair type and allow me to get the perfect level of smooth. They're ideal for my curly haired clients to achieve my rel="noopener rel="noopener noreferrer" noreferrer" rel="noopener noreferrer" desired look every time.

Adrienne Dara @ adriennedara

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Pair-fection: Redken Invisible Dry Shampoo, Redken Oil for All

redken-invisible-dry oil for all
This is the perfect pairing for styling soft voluminous, beachy waves. I love using the Invisible Dry Shampoo after waving my client's hair to promote a touchable, soft rel="noopener noreferrer" hold to begin soaking up the natural oils and help extend the style. I finish by using Oil for All to seal any flyaways and create a uniformed and finished look.

Kristi Day @kristidaybeauty

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Pair-fection: Pulp Riot Liverpool, Pulp Riot Los Angeles

pulp-liverpool- pulp los angeles
I use Liverpool in the hair before I blow dry to build up plenty of volume. Then, when I'm almost finished styling, I use Zurich because it's a flexible hold hairspray. It's great to use while styling, but also is buildable so it works great as a finishing spray. Together, they make the perfect mix.

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