How-To: Elevate Your Styling Game With Buildable Looks

Written by Redken TeamDec 21, 2023

Read time 5 min

Redken High Ponytail Tutorial

Want to step up your styling game but not sure where to start? Look no further because Redken has partnered with Made and Taylored (@madeandtaylored) to show stylists how they can easily elevate two hair looks that are sure to wow your clients.

These step-by-step guides are tiered to provide buildable looks and help stylists of any level to start styling. Made and Taylored has become a social media sensation known for her easy to follow styling tutorials and fashion tips. So whether you’re a seasoned beauty professional or just starting out as a stylist, read on to learn how you can achieve these stunning styles.

Look 1: The High Ponytail Serving Sass 

Products Used:


Step 1: Spray Redken's One United Leave-In Conditioner onto damp hair. 

Step 2: Apply Redken's Smooth Instant Spray and blow dry hair.

Step 3: Gather the desired pieces for the half-up portion of the style, then use a boar bristle brush to smooth the hair and eliminate any bumps. Make sure to hold the hair with one hand as you brush with the other, keeping the height of the ponytail and desired pieces up. 

Step 4: Secure with a hair tie and apply Redken's Spray Wax Texture Mist on the hairline to prevent flyaways.

Pro-Tip: Leave style as is or continue to the next steps for advanced styling.

Step 5: Using a second hair tie, make another ponytail under the half-up section. Having two tied hair ties will add volume and create the illusion of longer hair.

Step 6: Add a third hair tie and combine the two sectioned ponytails.

Step 7: Apply a generous amount of Redken's Full Volume Mousse to the ponytail.

Step 8: Run through the ponytail and rough dry with a blow dryer.

Pro-Tip: Leave style as is or continue to the next steps for advanced styling.

Step 9: Split the ponytail into three sections and clip them, then braid each section. For a messier look, leave out various pieces for added texture and an undone finish.

Step 10: Apply Redken's Brushable Hairspray. 

Look 2: Dancing Disco Waves

Products Used:


Step 1: Condition and prime the hair by applying Redken's One United Leave-In Conditioner and Spray Smooth Defrizzing Spray.

Step 2: Using a three barrel waver, begin crimping the hair two inches from the root.

Step 3: When moving down the strand, place the waver on the third crimp for each set of waves.

Step 4: Spray Redken's Beach Spray into hands and scrunch through crimped hair.

Step 5: Repeat until all hair is crimped. 

Pro-Tip: Leave style as is or continue to the next steps for advanced styling.

Step 6: Using a .5 wand, add curls in various sections, changing the curl's direction each time.

Step 7: Once desired volume is achieved, pull apart each curl.

Step 8: Flip the hair and spray Redken's Brushable Hairspray on bottom pieces. Flip the hair back up and spray more Brushable Hairspray around the head to lock in curls and add volume.

Pro-Tip: Leave style as is or continue to the next steps for advanced styling.

Step 9: For a more polished look, spray Redken's Shine Flash Spray.

Step 10: Section face-framing pieces forward and style them into small braids. Secure each braid with an elastic. Add similar braids around the head or where desired.