SalonCentric Celebrates Hairstylist Appreciation Week

Written by SalonCentric TeamApr 28, 2022

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Though overlooked for all the jobs they do, hairstylists do more than just cut hair. They're artists, mentors, therapists, friends and a shoulder of support to those they serve. Their service to their community and to one another is invaluable and unmatched, and for that alone, deserve to be celebrated 365-24-7. Tune in as artists like Pati Rodriguez, Yene Damtew, Taylor Rae, Michelle O'Connor, Eric Vaughn, John Mosley, Taylor Leven, Christopher Aaron and Monae Everett send some love to the ones who have inspired, influenced and uplifted their careers. 
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Artist Spotlight: Winnie Huang

Artist Spotlight: Winnie Huang

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