How-To: Cover And Rejuvenate Gray Hair

Written by Redken TeamMar 24, 2023

Read time 5 min

Redken color gels oils

When hair begins to go gray, there are two main changes that occur. The look of the hair is different, but the feel of hair can change as well. Once soft, manageable strands become coarse, wiry, and it can leave clients feeling unrecognizable and disconnected from themselves.

With Redken’s newest permanent haircolor, Color Gels Oils, not only are you able to cover grays, you can also rejuvenate them. Color Gels Oils features a hair rejuvenation technology that allows stylists to cover grays and provide increased shine and condition, which is perfect for clients with coarse, wiry grays. This vegan formula contains two percent apricot oil for added smoothness to help with hair’s manageability and with an MEA+ engine, the color is deep and saturated, with up to 100 percent coverage on every single shade. This ammonia-free, no-drip product is not an oil delivery system (ODS) color, rather the apricot oil within the formula is there solely for the benefit of the strand.  

Redken Ambassador, Rachel Redd (@rachel_redd) says, “Absolutely love… No strong smell, consistency feels so conditioning and leaves the hair with ultimate shine.” And Redken Ambassador and SalonCentric ITAPT Artist Adrienne Dara (@adriennedara) had an amazing reaction from her client who said, “My hair honestly feels so soft. The root looks shiny and healthy, and I feel like my hair looks smoother. My hair honestly looks younger.” 

Each of the 30 new shades provides a monochromatic color with a tonal match to Shades EQ, creating beautiful and seamless results.

To replicate this before-and-after for your client, check out the formula and step-by-step below:


Zone 1: Mix Color Gel Oils

Zones 2 & 3: Refresh ends with Shades EQ 


1.     Mix Color Gels Oils in a 1:1 ratio with 20-volume Pro-oxide Cream Developer

2.     Process for 30 minutes

3.     Wash out (try Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate)

4.     Tone with Shades EQ Bonder Inside

5.     Style with Redken Styling