Time-Saving Gray Coverage Hacks With Redken Color Gels 10 Minute

Written by Redken TeamMar 1, 2024

Read time 5 min

Redken Color Gels

There’s a huge shift happening right now with more and more clients choosing at-home color in-between appointments for one key reason: they want more time in their day. Efficiency has become a key part of today’s fast-paced world, making busy schedules the new norm for both clients and stylists alike. That’s why when it comes to mastering the art of gray coverage, it not only enhances the skillset of stylists but also ensures client satisfaction by reducing time spent both in and behind the chair. That’s where Redken’s Color Gels 10 Minute comes into play: providing up to 100 percent gray coverage with a 10 minute processing time making it the perfect tool to meet the tight schedules of many clients.

With the launch of 11 new shades in two collections, the Color Gels 10 Minute palette is formulated with Redken’s express color technology and offers 25 intermixable colors for stylists to choose from.

Color Gels 10 Minute is a liquid permanent color that features fast kinetic dyes for quick processing time, as well as Redken’s proprietary smart pause technology which helps to prevent over-processing and delivers the same color result between 10 and 15 minutes. This five minute window provides stylists extra wiggle room to ensure a speedy yet complete application in zone one. After mixing with pro-oxide developer the formula should be used immediately, applied quickly to clean dry hair in five minutes or less, and not left on any strands for more than 10 to 15 minutes, preventing overly deep or dark color results. Check out the new Color Gels 10 Minute Technical Guide for more info.

Due to the condensed timeframe of applying Color Gels 10 Minute, compared to that of traditional permanent color, some stylists may need to start with t-zone applications so that the zone one target area is smaller and more manageable. Once stylists have perfected a swift t-zone liquid application with the Color Gels 10 Minute, they can then begin to move beyond the t-zone for a more complete zone one coverage service. 

For stylists that are unfamiliar or never attempted a zone one application using liquid color, Redken asked Rosa Cisneroz-Ngauamo, Redken Artist and Color Gels 10 Minute Boss, to go over some of the finer points of our express color technology and how to successfully pair it with a t-zone application.

Stylists can learn even more time-saving hacks such as lightening and covering at the same time, or formulating to add more depth and vibrancy with the new Color Gels 10 Minute shades.