31 Days Of Toning With Redken

Written by Redken TeamApr 28, 2023

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Redken 31 Days Of Toning

Are you ready for “31 Days of Toning” with Redken? May is Redken’s toning month so get ready to celebrate with 31 Shades EQ toning formulas from stylists, Redken Ambassadors, Redken Educators, and more.

And to kick off the month is a very special launch of the Shades EQ Bonder Inside VV Family with new technology. The new 09VV and upgraded 010VV shades are Redken’s most intense toners for cool blonde results that last up to 28 shampoos. Say goodbye to stubborn brass and hello to Intense Neutralization. You can supercharge your blonde with two shades made specifically for longevity and neutralization. Not only is there a new shade with 09VV Lilac Ice, but the existing 010VV Lavender Ice shade has been upgraded and optimized with new tech. The VV Family also contains zero background for 100 percent pure reflect shades that provide vibrant and true-to-tone results.

“The new VV SHADES benefit me due to their better yellow neutralization without dulling or darkening the brightness of the blonde with the iconic Shades EQ shine.”

- Philip Foresto (@philipforesto)

Redken Ambassador

VV Family Tonal Breakdown

Double Violet:

Patent-pending bichrome dye technology optimized for intense neutralization and color longevity up to 28 shampoos

No Background:

Pure reflect shades that provide vibrant, true-to-tone results

Best For:

Stubborn warm undertones that require intense neutralization.

31 Days of Toning

Check out the new Shades EQ Bonder Inside VV colors featured in some of the below Shades EQ toning formulas, and get inspired to create something beautiful every day in May.