Perfect Dip Colour Application

Written by Artistic Nail Design TeamOct 25, 2018

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Detailed Colour Application Instructions:

1. Clean and prep nails. Buff nail surface with 100 grit EFFECT BUFFER to remove shine. Cleanse nail with Artistic NAIL SURFACE CLEANSER and a LINT-FREE WIPE. Apply Perfect Dip PREP to all nails and let air dry.

2. Apply a thin coat of Perfect Dip BASE COAT, making sure to avoid getting on cuticle or skin. Quickly dip into chosen Dip Powder. Tap off excess. Repeat on remaining nails. Once all nails are complete repeat base coat and dip process.
To prevent staining on natural nails with dark or neon colors, an optional clear powder base can be applied prior to colour application.

3. Apply Perfect Dip ACTIVATOR to all nails. Follow with a layer of BASE COAT. After each use of BASE COAT, quickly wipe with a LINT FREE WIPE before putting brush back into bottle.

4. Shape and finish with 240 grit EXACT FILE or 180 grit ASPECT FILE then buff the surface of the nail with 100 grit EFFECT BUFFER. Cleanse with Artistic NAIL SURFACE CLEANSER and a LINT-FREE WIPE.

5. Apply Perfect Dip ACTIVATOR to all nails and wait 20 seconds. Remove excess Activator with a dry LINT-FREE WIPE.

6. Apply 2 thin coats of Perfect Dip TOP COAT. Let dry for 5 minutes and massage REVIVE NAIL & CUTICLE OIL into surrounding skin.

See the full tutorial here:

Photography: Courtesy of Artistic Nail Design

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