A New Texture Education Law Passes In New York

Written by SalonCentric TeamDec 6, 2023

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A New Texture Education Law Passes In New York

On November 17th, New York State Governor Kathy Hochul signed legislation requiring Cosmetology State Board licensing to include training, education and testing on all hair types and textures. Sponsored by New York State Senator Jamaal Bailey (D-36) and New York State Assemblywoman Michaelle Solages (D-22), this monumental moment for inclusive beauty in New York has been championed by The Professional Beauty Association (PBA), in conjunction with its Texture Education Collective (TEC), founded by L’Oréal USA, Aveda, DevaCurl and Neill.  

This success is a result of TEC’s collective efforts to build upon an existing 2017 law spearheaded by New York State Assemblyman Gary Pretlow (D-79) which mandates New York to appoint a professional hairstylist onto the NYS Appearance Enhancement Advisory Committee to advise the State on matters concerning curriculum inclusive of the maintenance of all hair types and textures. The new law demonstrates the importance of having a professional hairstylist on the Advisory Committee and will help to ensure that hair education is systemically more inclusive in the State of New York.  

“This is a huge step in advancing hair inclusivity in the State of New York. As a result of this law, stylists will now receive comprehensive, inclusive hair education that will help to foster safe and positive experiences for all customers to feel welcomed, valued, understood, and seen when receiving hair services,” says Myra Reddy, Government Affairs Director, PBA. “We greatly appreciate Governor Hochul, Senator Bailey, Assemblywoman Solages and Assemblyman Pretlow for their dedication to close this much needed education gap. We look forward to bringing this important progress to other states soon.”  

“Hair is deeply personal. As a proud husband to my wife and father of two young girls, I want them to feel confident and beautiful when it comes to their uniquely textured hair – and in all the ways it is inextricably linked to our well-being, personal identity, and how we show up in the world,” says Senator Jamaal Bailey (D-36). “Individuals with hair of all textures deserve to feel welcomed, understood, and safe when they seek out hair care services. The current standards in the cosmetology industry often do not adequately prepare professionals to work with diverse hair textures. This knowledge gap disproportionately impacts women and girls of color with textured and diverse hair who face challenges in seeking out services that meet their needs. My bill, S6528 seeks to change this by empowering cosmetologists to work with all hair textures and requiring that education and testing for cosmetologists or natural hair stylists includes the provision of services to individuals with all hair types and textures. This is an important step towards greater access and inclusion, we would not be here without the efforts of all of the professionals and the industry leaders whose dedicated work and advocacy has helped elevate the standards of education and care for individuals with all hair textures.”  

To sign a petition advocating for textured hair to be included in cosmetology testing standards, and for more information on how to become supporting member of the TEC visit probeauty.org.