Naeemah LaFond's 14 Greatest Looks

Written by Maureen SheenMar 14, 2024

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Naheemah LaFond

When asked what is it about hair that makes her feel alive, Naeemah LaFond (@naeemahlafond) says, “Hairstyling is art. What moves you about art can’t really be explained. What I do know is that when I’m able to fully express myself and when I’m able to execute and share with the world what is in my head and in my heart, that it feels more like living than anything.”

A true artist to her core—since she was a small child styling her Barbies with elaborate updos and homemade haircuts—the educator, stylist and Olaplex Global Brand Ambassador has created unforgettable works of hair art over the course of her career. Plus, she has been teaching her craft and techniques for mastery as an educator extraordinaire to lucky stylists who have been fortunate enough to experience her classes firsthand.

Here, get inspired by LaFond’s 14 most favorites looks that she’s created over the years.


Source: Courtesy of Naeemah LaFond

This picture was taken several years ago, right after I posted one of my first viral braiding videos. A singular figure-8 braid with a bit of loose wispy hairs is one of the coolest ways to have an updo but not. 


Source: Courtesy of Naeemah LaFond

I’ve always created big, fluffy glam waves at hair shows since the beginning of my career back in 2013. But it is such a great experience to do it for a photo shoot. This was the first time my fluffy waves were professionally photographed and published in a magazine. 


Source: Courtesy of Naeemah LaFond

I’m always inspired by ‘90s super model hair and this look is one that reminds me of Cindy Crawford. Glam updos are my first love.


Source: Courtesy of Naeemah LaFond

This sky high, angular afro was the opening look for the Christopher John Rogers Spring 2020 show. There were a lot of extensions and pieces used to create this look.


Source: Courtesy of Naeemah LaFond

I created this look at a hair show in London where I used three sets of extensions and the smallest size barrel of the amika chameleon cutler to create the volume I wanted. 


Source: Courtesy of Naeemah LaFond

I love deconstructing a braid and then pinning it into an updo. It’s the coolest way to keep the pattern that braiding creates but still having a bit of the undone structure that we love from a modern updo.


Source: Courtesy of Naeemah LaFond

I was asked to do a presentation at the NAHA awards and of course I had to do my fluffy glam waves. But it was NAHA so I turned up the volume a bit. Quite a bit.


Source: Courtesy of Naeemah LaFond

A mohawk is one of the easiest ways to create a look that commands attention, and gives your model a sense of strength and confidence.


Source: Courtesy of Naeemah LaFond

When sculpting my messy updos, it’s really a matter of chaos. It has to be messy enough to create an impact, but contained enough to still feel glamorous. 


Source: Courtesy of Naeemah LaFond

We’re used to seeing textured hair more vertical, but I wanted to show that texture can really be manipulated to do anything. It’s always great to envision things from a different perspective. And in this way, you’ll never run out of hair ideas.


Source: Courtesy of Naeemah LaFond

Wearable looks don’t have to be boring. A simple loose wave can be turned up a few notches to create statement hair that will turn heads. 


Source: Courtesy of Naeemah LaFond

Including texture has always been important to me. When I created this look for one of the first amika education lookbooks, it really got a lot of attention. My point of view has always been to show the art of hair styling and how it can be translated on all textures. 


Source: Courtesy of Naeemah LaFond

Finger waves always transport me back to beauty school. No matter how much time passes between the last time I created finger waves, it’s always like riding a bike. That training kicks right in. For this look, I gave a hint of a wave to accent a sleek twisted updo. 


Source: Courtesy of Naeemah LaFond

The last hair show that I had worked on before the pandemic holds a special place in my heart. It was the last time that I worked without any PPE. You don’t realize the privilege of close contact and a smile until it’s taken away from you. 

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