Meet SalonCentric's Salon Success Consultant Of The Year

Written by SalonCentric TeamFeb 27, 2020

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One of the cornerstones of SalonCentric’s success has been the Salon Success Consultant (SSC). Acting the part of business coach, partner, support system and friend, the SSC serves an integral role in today’s ever-changing professional beauty landscape. Providing salons and stylists with the right business and technical education along with needed profitability programs and salon business systems makes all the difference in allowing beauty pros to grow and enjoy success on a number of levels. 

And one Salon Sales Consultant who has done just that is Philadelphia-based Bob Philipp (@beautybizbob). With over 20 years of experience, he has worked tirelessly with passion and dedication to help his salons level up, evolve and connect with one another through quarterly meet-ups to foster community and build mutual sounding boards. In 2019 alone, he helped his salon partners grow by up to 25%. So it comes as no surprise that Bob Philipp is recognized as the 2020 SSC of the Year. 

Below, get to know SalonCentric’s Salon Sales Consultant of the Year a little better as he reflects on his long career as an SSC.

SalonCentric: What does being recognized as “SSC of the Year” mean to you?
Bob Philipp: Winning SSC of the Year is an amazing feeling. The journey to get to this place makes the recognition that much more rewarding. My career has been marred with many ups and downs, personally and professionally. Receiving recognition from SalonCentric, given it is a major national corporation, definitely adds to the excitement. I’m indebted to all the selfless people that have helped me along the way. And this is a personal accomplishment achieved by many wonderful souls that have moved my career forward.

SC: Any standout memories as an SSC come to mind?
BP: When I first started with SalonCentric, I would call Nick Bellomo (on our NJ team) at all hours of the night, trying to learn Mosaic and Salesforce. I was completely lost trying to get a handle on our technologies. The calls were so frequent that Nick’s wife would ask, “Is that Bob on the phone again?!” Mind you, I had not even met Nick in person yet, this was strictly a phone relationship. Picture the State Farm commercial where the wife “catches” her husband on the phone late at night with an agent. Frank De Franco and Nick were unbelievably gracious with their time, and went out of their way to help me, without even knowing me. I’m forever indebted to those guys for their support.

SC: How has your role as an SSC evolved over the years?
BP: The paradigm shift from order taker to consultant happened for me back in 2008 as a result of the economic downturn. It became very clear to me, at that point in time, that my relationships and simply “showing up” for my customers was not going to be enough to sustain long term success. The professional beauty industry today is unrecognizable from the time I first started. Technology, software, analytics, big box retailers and salons have all permanently altered the professional landscape. And so, it has be come my mission to find ways to be more creative than the new entrants into our industry. We have a much greater understanding of the professional business than our competition. It’s my plan to continue to leverage our knowledge and find ways to magnify our points of difference. If we operate strictly transactionally, everyone loses including our salon partners. The customer is king, and we need to be undying in our effort to enhance the client experience. Ideally, I would like to see the role of the SSC become more defined so that moving forward, we can maximize our effectiveness to our salons with more focused time.

SC: Have you experienced any rewarding moments in your career as an SSC?
BP: I have been fortunate enough to have countless rewarding moments in my time as an SSC. For me, watching the growth and success of my salon partners and knowing I have been instrumental in their success is the most rewarding aspect. The relationships that have been developed in my time as an SSC are invaluable and something I truly cherish. It’s all about the people.

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