The 6 Essential Products In Every Colorists’ Backbar

Written by Matrix TeamSep 1, 2023

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Matrix SoColor Leah Sterk
Source: Courtesy of Constance Robbins (@constancerobbins)

Matrix Artist and Technical Director, Leah Sterk, has selected the top six products from Matrix’s SoColor Permanent Hair Color portfolio that are complete game changers when it comes to being a colorist. The SoColor Secret 6 are key pillars in the portfolio that make colorists’ lives easier and produce phenomenal results. SoColor is known for its 3-ounce tube, pre-blended and pre-bonded vegan formula, and being suitable for all hair types. Read on to learn more about the six must-have, hidden gems for every colorists’ backbar.

1. 3RV (Red Violet): Unleashes Fiery Reds on the Darkest Levels

Source: Courtesy of Pati Rodriguez (@pati.rodrigz), Matrix Global Bilingual Educator

2. 6NW (Neutral Warm): Ignites Warm Tones in Brunettes

Source: Courtesy of Gina Pickett (@ginapickett), Matrix Artist

3. 506NJ (Neutral Violet): Red Tone Eraser for Deep Bases

Source: Courtesy of Andrew Walder (@andrewryanwalder), Matrix Artist


4. SR-R (So Red Red): The Best One-Step Red Transformation

Source: Courtesy of Constance Robbins (@constancerobbins), Matrix Artist

 5UBC (Ultra Blonde Collection): Unlock the Perfect Blonde with Ease

Source: Courtesy of Gaza Brown (@mrsgazabrown), Matrix Artist

6. EBC (Extra Blonding Cream): Achieves Clearer Blondes, Radiant Reds and Deep Brunette Hues

Source: Courtesy of Jill Rae (@thejillrae), Matrix Artist