Lift 9 Levels Real Good With New Matrix High Riser

Written by Matrix TeamJan 12, 2023

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Are You Ready To Lift All Levels Real Good?!Source: Courtesy of Matrix

The lightener of your dreams is finally here. Matrix has developed their most powerful, 9-level lightener that makes it nearly as easy to lift your darker levels as it is to lighten levels 7-10. It’s called High Riser Pre-Bonded and it’s a dream come true for clients with dark hair, and their stylists.


High Riser offers up to nine levels of lift with 79% less breakage* so you can clients from dark to platinum in one service. Ideal for all levels and hair types, High Riser targets dark hair’s eumelanin and pheomelanin and slices through red, orange, and yellow undertones like a samurai sword. “It’s the most powerful lightener in the Matrix portfolio,” says Matrix Global Educator Pati Rodriguez. “It also preserves curl patterns after lightening so you can use it on every hair texture.”


With High Riser there’s no compromising on development time. Hair processes in less than 50 minutes, and you get clean, even results. “I love the control,” says Rodriguez. “The consistency is creamy and easy to spread. The initial lift is quick, and during the remaining processing time it’s even and controlled. And there’s no need to bump up the developer—go ahead and use the volume you would normally use. You can use 10, 20, 30 or 40 volume Matrix Cream Developer for off-scalp techniques, and you can use 10, 20 or 30 volume on-scalp.”

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“Pre-Bonded” means the formula already has bonder inside and High Riser features the highest concentration of bonder (glycine + citric acid) in the entire Matrix universe! This means less breakage, better protected hair bonds, and stronger hair fibers for healthy-feeling results clients will love! “The results are truly incredible,” notes Rodriguez. “The hair comes out feeling smooth and soft. It’s flexible and manageable and looks super shiny. High Riser really delivers!”

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*vs our leading lightener without bonder and non-conditioning shampoo.

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